The Online Casino Review

The Online Casino ReviewNames are important, or at least they can be so far as branding is concerned; if the wrong name is selected, it can be damaging to the longevity of the brand. Keeping that in mind, some would say that The Online Casino made a grave decision with its name, as it lacks impact or presence, and yet on the flip side of this, users remember it because of its name. Love it or hate it, this newly established online casino is fresh in people’s minds, for good or ill, and for that reason alone, a lot of hype is surrounding it. Add to that the atmospheric design of the interface, with its dark greens and blacks, and you have yourself an exciting, newly emerging brand that could be the it site of 2018. Let’s read The Online Casino review !

Company Background

Due to the name of this new brand, it can be hard to find information from other sources, however with enough digging, you soon learn that 2018 was when it launched. That being said, we can’t provide a specific month of origin, and due to the website not detailing any other information, we’re unable to speculate. Nonetheless, what we do know is that this new casino is operated by Nektan, a big name brand that many online gamers will have heard of, even played with.

As a result, you can expect to find the same dual license that regulates all their products also keeping The Online Casino in check as well; this means that the UK Gambling Commission, the Government of Gibraltar oversee everything. Their involvement also means that certain countries around the world, like that of Russia, Turkey, and Yemen, are unable to register with the brand. The terms and conditions mention restricted territories, but doesn’t detail them extensively, and so further research will be needed.


As we move onto the software of this brand, we can see that Nektan, the operators of the label, have supplied some of their own activities as well, alongside other well known names, such as Red Tiger and Microgaming. To make browsing the long list of titles available, The Online Casino allows its users to search using a series of filters, one of which is based on providers alone. However, you can also search for games that are slots based, live casino capable, and for those that offer large payouts – it’s a flexible system that works fluidly.

What is more, all the games can be reached from the homepage, without you having to sign up in order to view them, and so this new site is all about accessibility. A factor further reinforced by the fact that demo versions of the slot machines have been provided; as pokies are some of the most popular forms of iGaming, it makes sense that a brand offers them as free play options. Nonetheless, while the one armed bandits are capable of this, live dealers and other such activities aren’t, and so guests/budget gamers will be limited in what they can play for free.


Going hand-in-hand with the games of the site is banking, an area which this new casino does surprisingly well in, given its newness; usually we find new casinos can lack options, but that isn’t the case here. The Online Casino offers a small but common array of banking methods, including ewallets like Skrill, and credit/debit cards like that of Visa and Mastercard. Each of these options processes currencies differently, although for the most part, EUR, GBP, and SEK are allowed for all. However, if you’re at all unsure about what’s permitted, you can read the terms and conditions, as well as the FAQs.

Making a deposit requires no larger than a £10 allocation, in the currency you’re using, while withdrawals are a slightly larger £20, all of which is the industry average for banking. When making either of these types of transactions, users shouldn’t experience any additional banking fees, although Nektan state that they can choose to apply one if they so wish. As for how long it takes to receive/deposit your money, allocations tend to be completed instantly, while withdrawals can take several working days. Seeing as how each payment method is different, it would be wise to learn the specifics of the method you’re using.


Given the fact that this is a new online casino, it’s natural to assume that its support services will be available 24 hours a day, however this isn’t the case with The Online Casino. Even though its support page states that emails are 24 hours, what they actually mean is that they’ll be responded to within 24 hours. There’s a dramatic difference. And so, while it’s good that users have an array of options in order to contact the team, the hours in which they can do that are limited.

Live chat options, and that of telephone support, operate between the hours of 8am and midnight every day of the week; while these are decent operational hours, they leave a huge portion of the community unaided. Fortunately to help with that issue, The Online Casino has a decent FAQs section attached to its customer service page.

Conclusion of The Online Casino Review

When all is said and done, The Online Casino is a good, strong example of how new online casinos should function and present themselves: it’s fun, easy to join, and gives access to hundreds of games. Yes, there’s areas of the brand we’d like to see improved, chiefly that of support hours, and faster withdrawal times, but overall there’s not much to cause dissatisfaction with this website. As a result, we’d award this new casino a four star rating, with that result mainly coming from the way the website functions, not the way it looks.

LuckyMe Slots Casino Review

LuckyMe Slots Casino ReviewSporting a fresh faced interface, Lucky Me Slots Casino is a new casino that’ll bring the joys of summer nights into your home. A crisp white colour palette, offset by tropical imagery, helps create a sense of being on holiday, sipping cocktails and loving life, arguably a dream all of us share. This particular dream however, allows you to not only bask in the rays of all year round sun, but also to play until your heart’s content, with cash prizes available for those who play for real cash. Everything seems to point to this being the newest casino to watch out for, the one with exceptional potential, but is that really the case once you start to use its services? That’s what we’re hoping to find out.

Company Background

We all know that Lucky Me Slots is new to the industry, but how new are we talking? According to various sources, the site was launched in May 2018, thus making this brand just a few months old; new though it may be, at this stage, any niggling issues should have been ironed out by now. In regards to who runs the show, that falls to operators Skill on Net Ltd, a name that’s done the rounds within the iGaming community.

Seeing as how Skill on Net are in charge of Lucky Me Slots services, that means that the licenses governing them also govern the site, with the UK Gambling Commission the sole regulator of this brand. Consequently, we know that this is a UK friendly casino, but what of other jurisdictions, where do they fall? Anyone playing from within the US, Japan, or Russia, to name but a few, will be prohibited from joining. Should you not be able to find the full list of restricted countries inside the terms and conditions, we advise contacting a member of the Lucky Me Slots team for further details.


Given how busy the iGaming circuit is these days, new casinos have to be something truly special in order to wow us, which often means they need to deliver more gameplay than other brands can. In our opinion, Lucky Me Slots casino does this well, as it offers access to over 800 activities, coming from numerous software developers. This may not be the most extensive catalog of titles, but it’s one of the better we’ve come across, especially when you take into account the age of the site.

The games you can play, which come in the form of one armed bandits, live casino options, table top games, and more, have been created by the likes of NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, and Big Time Gaming. We wouldn’t say that the options present all of the best developers available today, but there’s no denying you’ll have access to some pretty top notch games. However, while this is the case, you’ll need to register to become a member before you’ll be able to play said games, and so no demo versions appear to be on offer, and issue that will concern budget gamers.


Although there’s various ways that a new casino can win us over, clear information for topics, such as banking, come pretty high up on our checklist; fortunately for Lucky Me Slots, they deliver. If customers visit the Help section of the site, specifically the FAQs, they’ll discover a list of all accepted payment methods, including Visa, Eco, and Neteller – the range is most impressive.

Banking will be processed in either EUR, GBP, or SEK (as well as a few others), with deposits taking no more than a couple of minutes to clear. However, when it comes to withdrawals, users will have to wait longer for the transaction to be made… but only 24 hours, at most, according to Lucky Me Slots. This is due to their ‘lightning withdrawal’ services, therefore enabling speedier withdrawals for all verified users; if this is indeed how quick the process is, that would make Lucky Me Slots one of the best online casinos for banking, period.


Before we leave you to explore this new casino at your leisure, we’d like to talk about the support options of the site, as they’re quite limited in terms of options. Unlike a lot of new sites which offer several support options, Lucky Me Slots only appears to offer emails and a postal address. If there is a live chat option, we couldn’t find it, which would again create its own set of problems. On the plus side of all of this, the emails are manned 24/7, meaning that you should get a quick response to any query you send. Partnered with this, you then have the Help section we mentioned earlier, with a brief but concise list of FAQs. We wouldn’t say the system in place is perfect, but it should help you to figure out why you’re running into problems.

Conclusion of LuckyMe Slots Casino Review

During our years of reviewing, we’ve come across a lot of new casinos in our time, with so many of them promising services they can’t possibly live up to. Fortunately for all concerned, Lucky Me Slots can live up to what it promises. This may not be the most striking website within the industry, nor is it the most internationally friendly, however it delivers a wide array of games, from big names, without fault.

What is more, the inclusion of super fast banking ensures that users get the hands on their winnings faster than ever, a factor that a lot of iGaming fans will simply adore. The only real downside to this brand we see, is that the customer support is lacking somewhat, however even then, when the options are niche, you can still receive a faster response than from other casinos who have set operational hours. Therefore, we would rate Lucky Me Slots Casino as a high four out of five stars online casino.

Pirate Slots Casino Review

Pirate Slots CasinoFair winds and calm seas lie ahead for all who are brave enough to travel the waters of Pirate Slots Casino, a new iGaming label. Decorated with a memorable and playful aesthetic, this novelty themed casino is coming in strong, thanks to its operates, who are renowned for creating unique spaces in which users can game. Despite the pirate theme being far from a new concept, Pirate Slots has managed to make it their own, with the rich colours and imagery looking like something from a child’s illustration. Before you hop aboard however, you need to be aware that this site will only open up the majority of its services once you’ve become a verified member, and so sneaky around won’t get you very far. Fortunately for you, we’ve been aboard already, and so we know how everything works behind the scenes.

Company Background

If you haven’t guessed already, the operators of this website are Jumpman Gaming, a company that is well connected within online slots and bingo circuits. They have a very distinct feel to their products, therefore making them easy to spot among other such content, however this in turn does make them a predictable brand.

Pirate Slots is a new for 2018, with few reviewers having actually discussed the intricacies of this site yet, and so we’re one of the first. Don’t be concerned that this is a sign of underlying issues, as Pirate Slots is a trusted site, thanks to the licensing it has overseeing it, which comes from the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. As you might have guessed from this dual license, UK users are the primary target of Pirate Slots, however other jurisdictions are also able to join. That being said, there’s many countries that are restricted, including that of the US, Serbia, and Turkey; to make research easier for everyone, Jumpman has provided details of this inside their terms and conditions.


Seeing as how the word “slot” is in the name of this brand, it’s evident that this is the primary focus of the sites entertainment value; yes, other activities are available, but they’re in short supply when compared with the online pokies Jumpman have collected. Some of the software comes from Jumpman Gaming themselves, however there’s also titles from ELK Studios and Foxium. Although these are good developers, who have a solid following, the selection provided is by no means as extensive as others out there, and so you may eventually find the activities limiting.

Until that happens however, you’ll be able to play bingo, slots, and large jackpot games, once you’ve registered that is. You see, unlike some casinos which enable visitors to sample gameplay via demo versions of its titles, Pirate Slots doesn’t allow this, and so you have to sign up/login in order to play. It’s an annoying feature, but it does well to encourage potential customers to bite the bullet and join the Pirate Slots community. Moreover, please be aware that no live dealer games are available here, a factor that may limit the type of clientele that this new casino attracts.


Unlike with some online brands, this newly launched casino allows for three payment methods, at any one time, to be active, therefore gifting users the freedom of choice. Nonetheless, while this freedom is given with one hand, it’s then taken away by the fact that only credit/debit card payments, as well as PayPal, seem to be allowed. Perhaps this is due to Jumpman Gaming being a slightly smaller brand, or more UK focused, but whatever the reason it ensures that the site feels limited in scope.

When making a deposit or withdrawal, the minimum amount asked for is £10, a small amount that does help make processing easier. That being said, as is the norma across the iGaming industry, withdrawals take longer to process than deposits, with Jumpman Gaming having a pending period of 72 hours. More often than not, withdrawals are put through quicker than that, but those hours, added on top of the three working days average, means that waiting times are lengthy no matter which payment you choose. On the plus side, it seems that no banking fees are attached to the methods allowed, and so there’s a silver lining to be found here.


Our biggest problem with Pirate Slots, even more so when we keep in mind how new it is, is that support only runs Monday to Friday, from 9:30am until 6pm. Furthermore, that bank holidays are excluded from this, and so operational hours are even less for the majority of UK gamers. Even though we can appreciate that this is simply how Jumpman chooses to operate, it’s inescapable that this niche set of hours damages the accessibility of the brand.

As for how to contact the team, when services are open, that can be done via live chat and emails, with no sign of telephone services in sight. Despite most users preferring written communication to verbal, we feel that phone support is a valuable tool of any support system, and so should, ideally, be included. In addition to these services, there’s also the FAQs, which is where you’ll find the contact details for the site.


This is a very hit and miss new casino, in our opinion, as on the one hand it looks the part and works well, but on another, it fails to give customers around the clock care, alongside limited banking options. It’s a good example of a catch-22. If you’re able to overlook the grey areas of this brand, then you’ll find a top of the range online casino, fresh to the market and eager to please. But if you can’t, then you soon realise that Pirate Slots has little to offer you. It simply depends on your perspective, and what you’re looking for from an iGaming label.

Due to everything we’ve covered, we’d rate this site three and a half stars out of five, with the hopes that Jumpman Gaming might improve their branding further, in order to provide a more stimulating end result.

PWR.Bet Casino Review

There’s a lot of buzz words around in 2018, such as ‘GRL’, ‘Yas’, and other such on trend ways of expressing yourself, so it’s unsurprising that operators banded together to create PWR.Bet Casino. As most of you will undoubtedly know, ‘pwr’ is an abbreviation of the word power, with that term being seen as a signifier of strength, or a source of energy, and so it stands to reason that this iGaming label is all about bringing intense energy your way. The real question here however, is whether PWR.Bet manages to do this, or whether it simply falls into line with the average atmosphere of hundreds of other online casinos out there…? We think it’s about time to find out how this site works, and whether it’s a good form of entertainment or not.

Company Background

Seeing as how we’ve touched on the year already, there seems little point to go into greater detail about when this site was launched. That being said, besides knowing that it was released in 2018, it’s important to know who run the label, which falls to the talents of acting operators, EveryMatrix N.V.

Despite not being the most well known of online casino operators, EveryMatrix is still governed by the same laws as other companies out there, which, in turn, is why they hold two licenses. These licenses come from the Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission; there’s also mention of Curacao as well, which may be hinting at the inclusion of another license, though we don’t wish to speculate.


There’s two ways you can approach the software of PWR.Bet, you can either search through the standard casino activities, or you can skip those and head straight for the live casino opportunities. Even if you select one but then decide you want the other, it’s more than easy to move from one to the other, thanks to the simplistic, well designed layout of the interface. Furthermore, the various subheadings and filters assist this further, thus giving users an engaging, easy to navigate experience.

Another perk of this label is that a lot of the games can be played prior to registering, specifically that of the slot machines. However, if you have a craving for other titles, there’s also tabletop games, poker, progressive jackpots, and more, coming from brands such as Play’n GO, Microgaming, and NetEnt.


To find sources to do with banking, the FAQs is the page that all non-members should utilise, however please be warned that its layout is extremely poor, meaning that you often struggle to find exactly what you’re looking for. This isn’t a major problem as such, but it is off putting to potential customers.

Once you locate these frequently asked questions, you’ll note that the majority of payment methods accepted are credit/debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. There may be other providers enabled also, but they’re not mentioned here, with users needing to register in order to see the full list. The minimum amount required for a deposit is £10, in either EUR or GBP, with that deposit subject to fees, with those charges determined by the method you’ve chosen. The minimum amount still stands for withdrawals as well, though these will take longer to come through, sometimes as many as several working days, though no exact time frame is mentioned.


Try as we might to find a contact us section, we genuinely couldn’t during our initial review of PWR.Bet, with only a live chat option available due to its pop-up window being attached to every webpage. As a result, we can’t inform you about the operational hours, nor if there’s any other form of communication you can opt for, which is obviously a huge problem for those wanting all information upfront. Nevertheless, as we’re aware that some form of support exists, we’re sure that the services are adequate enough, when in use.


PWR.Bet Casino is, generally, an exceptional well thought out new casino, though as already commented, there’s certain aspects of the site that are in need of improvement, like the FAQs. Given all the pros of this brand, we’d recommend it to users, though advise that they’re aware that there’s niggling issues that may hinder their overall enjoyment of the experience.

PlayUK Casino Review

We know that a lot of you reading this will be able to spot a Nektan casino from the moment you set eyes on its interface, with the company having one of the most recognisable set of features. However, while we can easily debate about the necessity to reinvigorate a brand, nobody can take away from the impact that Nektan has on the iGaming market, with PlayUK Casino being one of numerous sites that attract hundreds of gamers. Arguably, this could be deemed as being due to the highly accessible range of popular activities offered, partnered with a simple yet visually appealing web design.

Company Background

Even though we’ve already drawn attention to the operators of this newly released iGaming label, there’s still more to this site than its relation to Nektan, such as its launch date; PlayUK Casino opened in early 2018, with the entire site being dedicated to UK based customers only.

Although this is a curious decision, it’s one that means that the dual licensing of the PlayUK casino site, coming from the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Government, doesn’t have to concern itself with potentially not adhering to licensing laws from other countries. Territories that are unable to register include that of Russia, Italy, Spain, and the United States; there’s mention of this within the Terms and Conditions, but only on a brief scale, and therefore deeper research would be needed if you require further details.


The benefits of a well established brand is that they often have great connections with other popular brands from within the industry, and so they can deliver an array of games that other casinos may not be able to. In total, PlayUK Casino is said to offer over 25 different software developers, such as Microgaming, Blueprint Gaming, and Core Gaming. Consequently, customers would be hard pushed not to be satisfied with the range of titles presented, however that’s assuming that they have a preference for slot machines. The reason we say this is because the online pokies are provided in greater numbers than other activities available.

Of course, while we want to make clear that one armed bandits are the more popular attraction, users can also play live dealer titles, progressive jackpot games, instant wins (such as scratchcards), and several other options as well. To ensure you can narrow down what you’re interested in, you can use multiple filters to streamline your experience, either by looking at individual software, game features, and other factors, like that of the size of the returns.


Arguably coupled with the games services comes banking, an important part of the process for all users who are interested in playing at PlayUK casino for real cash payouts. Traditionally, casinos provide helpful subsections where players can learn more about the payments enabled, as well as charges, etc, however when it comes to PlayUK, gamers have to browse the FAQs and terms for full details. This is a massively tedious task.

Nonetheless, once you locate the details, it becomes clear that a range of providers are allowed, like that of Visa, Skrill, and Neteller, alongside niche providers like Boku. Typically no charges are brought against those using the banking services, save for Boku users who will experience a 15% fee. When making payments, the money can be processed in EUR, GBP, SEK, and USD, although please note that some providers exclude certain currencies. In regards to speed, deposits happen automatically upon allocation, whereas withdrawals can take several days at a time, with the exact time frame depending on who you bank with.


One of the first aspects of customer service anyone should be aware of, is that PlayUK casino isn’t a 24/7 support service, with the team only available between 8am and midnight each day. Even though we can appreciate this time window allows for much assistance, there’s no escaping that PlayUK falls short when compared with online casinos supported around the clock. As for how to contact support, there’s email, telephone, live chat, and postal address, with the first three being the faster of the four listed options. What is more, gamers can also check the FAQs when unable to contact the team, in case their matter is one that is commonly experienced and therefore easy to resolve.


In conclusion, we find that PlayUK Casino is an efficient and well functioning online iGaming label, however there’s areas that could do with improvement, like better pages of information for banking, 24 hour support, and more innovative interface design. Despite these potential problems, we still think that the brand is one that will accommodate many users, as well as allowing them access to some of the best games currently circulating online. If you want to find a new casino that’ll present you with the hottest games around, from operators that can always be trusted, then PlayUK is definitely a brand to consider.

Kong Casino Review

King Kong may have been regarded as the king of Skull Island, but when it comes to gaming online, Kong Casino still needs to prove itself. The brand is a 2018 launch iGaming website, sporting a orange skied interface, which obviously pays homage to the various depictions of King Kong. Overall, there’s nothing particularly stand out about the design of this casino, which sadly does create an underwhelming end result – we want to be excited, but with Kong Casino, we’re unmoved.

Company Background

It doesn’t take long to locate details about this brand and its operators, who happen to be the experienced ProgressPlay Ltd; this company has churned out plenty of successful iGaming labels. However, while they have much expertise within the industry, they sadly tend to stick to a rigid list of features, thus resulting in a bland interface. Considering how important aesthetics can be, especially for modern brands, the choice to launch a 2018 label and it not have visual oomph is an interesting decision.

Moving onto more significant details, Kong Casino is a dual licensed casino, meaning that a wide range of countries can register and game with the site, however it also means that there’s an array of territories unable to do this, including the US, Turkey, and Spain. For the specific details of the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission licenses, users can read through the terms and conditions.


Let’s get stuck in right where the action explodes onto your devices: from the games themselves. Kong Casino may have been questionable in its looks, despite having used the familiar iconography of a popular story, but the games section is where everything comes to life.

The main delights of the site comes from a diverse collection of one armed bandits, coming from NetEnt, Core Gaming, Bet Digital, and numerous other software providers. However, while the slots are undoubtedly the most extensive of the activities available, there’s also other titles to engage with, including that of live dealers, table based games, and casual mini games.

As much as we love the amount of entertainment value that Kong Casino has crammed into a single casino, we have to admit that we’re disappointed to see that you need to be logged in before fully accessing the titles. Guests of the site will be able to browse all the subsections of the games room, as well as the titles themselves, but they won’t be able to play until becoming a member.


Seeing as how most customers will want to experience the games in all their glorious details, specifically being able to play with real cash and get monetary rewards in return, then an understanding of banking is required. All members of Kong Casino can find deposit information upon the appropriately titled ‘deposits’ page; there you’ll learn that £10 is the average minimum amount, and that it can be processed in GBP, EUR, and SEK. In regards to withdrawals, the info is listed under its own page as well, this time detailing how the minimum amount is usually £20.

When users put a transaction through, the time it takes for that money to be credited to your casino account and/or your bank depends on what you’re doing: if you’re inputting cash, the transaction is instant, but if you’re removing funds, that process can take up to 10 business days. Of course, that number isn’t the average for all of the payments combined, and so it’s wise to browse each specific payment method individually. The methods you can choose from depend on your location, but there’s access to Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, and niche brands, such as Zimpler. As far as we can see, there’s no charging fees attached to any of your banking, however your bank may decide to apply their own charges, and so it’s best to check with your bank provider.


Partnered with an easy to use banking system, online casinos need to provide accessible customer support, typically via several different means of communication. In the case of Kong Casino, users can chat to a member of the team by either live chat or emails, unfortunately there’s no phone option for gamers to take advantage of. Perhaps the lack of telephone services is eased by the FAQs for most of you, though we’re certain that there’ll be those among you that would prefer another means of talking to a real person rather than simply reading generic information.


In all honesty, we’re not all that impressed by what Kong Casino has to offer, even in spite of the brand being operated by a renowned company, or because of how varied the games section is. The main problem with this label is that it fails to stimulate you from the off, and so by the time you’ve got into the gameplay, you’re already underwhelmed and therefore less engaged with the content.

VIP Spins Casino Review

If you’re looking for that star treatment, fit for royalty, recently launched VIP Spins is a casino that’s send to provide such services. Operated by ProgressPlay, we can be assured that the quality of the titles is going to be high, however the interface leaves a lot to be desired; this site has clearly been designed to allow its products to do the talking. Although not a poor idea in principle, the actual execution delivers a rather flat, lacklustre interface.

Nonetheless, as aesthetics are only part of the appeal (and sometimes not at all for some gamers), the inclusion of variety is far more important than looks. When you become a member of this brand, you get access to an array of high profile software developers, as well as stellar customer support when you need it most. Is that enough for this new casino to succeed? We’re about to find out.


Should you be excited about the promotional materials of this new website, having expected ProgressPlay to function in a similar way to Jumpman Gaming, we’re afraid that you’re going to be disappointed. When you browse the promo pages, you’ll notice that there’s only two offers at the moment, with no sign of others on the horizon. Even though this is a new website, that’s still a poor show for an online casino, especially one run by a well known iGaming company.

In spite of this however, we’d still say that it’s worth taking out the welcome offer, should you want to be a registered users, as the package involves three deposit bonuses. Up to £1,000 can be won when you take out each of these offers, with the percentage of deposit bonuses broken down into a 100% match, followed by a 25% one, and then finished off by an increased 50%. For each of these deals, a minimum of £10 is required in order to activate the bonus, with the deposit bonus money then subject to a x50 wagering requirement; it’s all pretty standard stuff.

Thereafter, the only other deal available is one that’s set to end in August, and so options are well and truly limited. Luckily, the VIP club adds some much needed fuel to the fire, with users able to usher in rewards if they progress through the five stages of membership. To achieve this, points are needed, with these points coming from playing any of the games with real money; if you’re a demo player only, this is going to be of no use to you.

Software and Games

Providers wise, VIP Spins Casino offers an unbelievable amount of software, coming from Iron Dog, Elk Studios, and Core Gaming, as well as many, many others. Of course, this also means that the types of activities available are also diverse, with online pokies being only a small part of the overall collection; users will also find live dealers, progressive jackpots, table top action, and more.

Seeing as how the games are all listed on the homepage of the site, finding what you’re looking for is never too easy, especially due to the streamlined filtering system that VIP Spins has in place. Not only can you search for a game by using its title, but you can also browse each software provider at a time, meaning that you remove anything you’re not interested in. The only negative we can find here is that there doesn’t seem to be any play for fun options for those of you not yet registered, which some of you may find extremely limiting.

Banking Options

In regards to making payments, as well as withdrawing them, this online casino has a variety of means for you to do so: you can choose to use your trusty credit cards, or you can opt for ewallets and/or vouchers. This includes Visa, Paysafecard, Skrill, and a fair few others. What is more, none of these options apply any banking charges on top of what you’re already transferring, and so banking won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The minimum amounts required for both transactions can vary depending on which provider you use, and so it’s best you check those terms for yourself. However, what we can give you a rough idea of is how long you’ll have to wait for a withdrawal to clear; typically, up to seven business days will be needed. Obviously some options will be quicker, or take longer, but you’ll likely be aware of this when opting for that payment method, and should you not be, the Deposits and Withdrawals subsections are easy to locate, and provide ample amounts of information for users.


ProgressPlay, as some of you may already be aware of, is a licensed iGaming company, regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission. As a result, many countries can gain access to the site, however those in locations such as the US, will find that they’re access is restricted. The terms and conditions will be able to provide further details.

Contact Info and Social Activity

There’s a FAQs page to read through, if you fancy attempting to sort an issue out yourself, but if you’d rather skip all that work and proceed straight to more hands on help, the Support page is where to go. Providing 24/7 live chat services, as well as an easy to use email form, this is very basic, but highly accessible, support. Granted, a telephone option would have gone a long way to increase the customer focus of the brand, but overall we find what’s on offer satisfactory.

In reference to any social media presence, we didn’t see any mention of that upon the VIP Spins webpages, and so we’re not sure of its current status. Perhaps the brand is simply too new for accounts to have been established yet…?


We weren’t blown away by VIP Spins, right from the off it lacked impact, with even the mix of games not saving it from coming across as a dull experience. It’s a shame, as ProgressPlay are a highly experienced brand, and therefore know exactly what gamers want, but have ultimately failed to provide that razzle dazzle here.

Loot Casino Review


Loot Casino ReviewNew to the industry, Loot Casino is a shiny, bright, and promising iGaming brand, designed to cater to those looking for on trend titles. Having been created with the help of Jumpman Gaming, the operators of the site also, it’s no surprise that this has all the contemporary markers that one would expect of a new casino. However, being involved with such a well known company can also mean that there’s a lot of similarities between itself and its sister sites, and so originality isn’t at the centre of the Loot Casino label.

Launched in 2018, this website is as new as can be, with the potential to really shake up the community and deliver a new way of gaming. To do this, Loot Casino offers pokies, various promotions, loyalty schemes, and accessible customer support – but is it enough to compete with the other labels already established?


Newness can often mean that a casino lacks depth of promotions, we such brands normally relying on the firm favourites of welcome deals, and then failing to deliver much else. Fortunately for Loot Casino, they’re able to offer the same specials as any other Jumpman Gaming site, due to the vast experience, and reach, of its operators, and so variance isn’t an issue. That being said, it also means that these promos have definitely been seen before, and likely used by yourselves as well.

The welcome offer is unusual when compared with rivals, as it generates a wheel of fortune type game whenever you deposit £20 (although your very first deposit can start at £10); called the Mega Reel, up to 500 free games can be won each spin. Should you win such a prize, you’ll need to contend with the x65 rollover requirement, and utilise the bonus within a certain number of days.

Alongside this, and the deals for existing customers, such as weekly cashback, there’s also the VIP club to join. Working on a five levels system, users can steadily progress higher whenever they collect Kudos, aka loyalty points, from playing the real cash versions of the site’s games. There are also Trophies to unlock as well, which can be argued as being yet another form of special club to join; these, again, come from carrying out tasks related to gaming. To learn more of these ‘quests’, you need to be a member and logged into your account, as there’s a lot more to do than simply wager a bet on one of the titles.

Software and Games

Loot Casino really starts to come into its own once we reach the Games subsection, as there’s no end of options to sink your teeth into, coming from big names like Yggdrasil, Red Tiger Gaming, and Playson, not forgetting several other high profile developers. However, while the brands are certainly here, it’s fair to say that most of the activities are slot based, and so Loot Casino caters to a particular niche of the iGaming market.

Don’t worry too much about this though, as there are table based games to engage with as well, albeit on a lesser scale than that of pokies. To access these titles, users need to either browse the filtered sections, or search for their game of choice using the search options provided. We would like to add at this point that, while there’s some variety, no live dealer options will be found here, even in spite of how new the site is.

What is more, none of the games are accessible unless you’re a member, which puts guests to the site at a disadvantage, as they’re unable to test out the services before committing. This is nothing new from Jumpman Gaming, but we’d have still liked to have seen them work outside of their pigeon holed box in order to bring us something more individual.

Banking Options

Anyone who holds an account with Loot Casino can have up to three payment options associated with their account, with users being able to choose from Visa, PayPal, and paying via your mobile. The options are limited, but they go beyond that of other new casinos, like QuinnBet (a site that only allows card payments).

When you want to deposit or withdrawal, a minimum of £10 is required, with the brand not bringing any additional charges when using said services. However, please be aware that withdrawals can’t be processed until all bonus wagering requirements have been met. In regards to waiting times, a 72 pending period is attached to withdrawals before the standard three business days transfer window, and so it can take up to seven days, or longer, before your money reaches you.


As a lot of you will no doubt already be aware of, Jumpman Gaming holds a dual license from the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission; this is detailed at the bottom of each of Loot Casino’s webpages. It means that UK customers, and a few European jurisdictions, can register an account, although there’s also many restricted territories too, such as France, Spain, and Italy.

Contact Info and Social Activity

When visiting the Contact Us page, you’ll note that the FAQs are listed as one of the resources to use when in need of help, as well as an email option, and a live chat one. Due to the fact that you have to login in order to use the live chat, no operational hours are listed here. However, if you visit the FAQs, it details that the team is on hand from 9:30am until 6:30pm, weekdays only, meaning that support is extremely limited. This is arguably the biggest downfall of Loot Casino.

In regards to social media channels, none are mentioned on any of the site’s pages, although we suspect that the brand has some form of social media presence. However, as it’s not clearly advertised, we can’t comment with any real certainty on the matter.


At the beginning of Loot Casino review, we held out much hope, but as we’ve progressed, we’ve found that the brand is too much like every other Jumpman Gaming casino available. If you like the familiarity of design, features, etc, then Loot Casino will be an ideal label for you, but if you prefer innovation and uniqueness over everything else, you’re best looking elsewhere.

QuinnBet Casino Review


Owned by an Irish Company, and having been specifically designed for UK and Ireland based customers, QuinnBet Casino is a rather unique iGaming website. Having first launched in 2017, this has been a popular haunt for many gamers, even though the site hasn’t exactly grown in renown because of this. Instead, think of this site as a hidden gem of the community.

Software provided by FSB Technology is how the brand keeps so up to date with industry changes, and the reason why there’s a certain fluidity to the interface, and the games, provided. However, as far as aesthetics go, this isn’t the most appealing example of modern online casinos. In fact, we’d argue that this brand is already starting to look a little dated, though thankfully its content isn’t.


As you’ll be able to see for yourselves, should you visit QuinnBet after reading this review, the website has three main areas: casino, sports betting, and virtuals, in this instance, it’s the casino side of the label we’re focusing on. Unfortunately for all potential customers, this then means that the number of promotions is greatly reduced down, to only four deals, some of which seem to be seasonal and therefore subject to change.

Nonetheless, while there may be changes, the welcome offer of 100%, valued up to £250, seems to be a bonus that is set to stay. A small deposit of £10 is all it takes to activate this deal, and opting in, of course, with users then needing to meet the wagering requirement within 30 days of its receipt. The bonus must be wagered x25 before a withdrawal of any winnings can be processed.

Following on from this newcomers bonus, there’s three other deals that are weekly, offering either deposit bonuses or free spins, such as the Wild West free spins; for a bet of £25, users can score themselves five free spins on the following Monday. It’s a small prize in reality, but it’s one that allows free gaming, and therefore will likely prove popular. As for VIP schemes or other such specials, none are visible on the casino’s promo page, and so we have to assume that they’re not available at this time.

Software and Games

The main beauty of QuinnBet Casino, besides it being a more unique brand, is that it’s home to a whole host of games, from multiple developers; if you love variety, you’re going to find a lot of it here.

To access these games, which come from NYX, Microgaming, and NextGen Gaming (to name but a few), you need only visit the homepage of the casino. From there, you can then narrow down your search, choosing to browse via the categories, which include the likes of a live casino, video slots, poker, and several other iGaming options. If you find browsing this way is too overwhelming, which it can be given the sheer volume of titles, you can use the search bar to find the game you’re looking for. However, other than this, there doesn’t seem to be many other filters, and so your options are limited.

Also worthy of note is how a lot of the games provide demo options, in spite of not detailing that; when we visited the Features Games subsection, we clicked on a pokie and it started to load, all without us being a member. Inside the new window that opened, there was then the option to move over to real gameplay if interested. Of course, there’s exceptions to this rule, like the live dealers, but otherwise it would seem that QuinnBet is accessible for low budget/no budget gamers as well as those with real cash.

Banking Options

Compared to the rest of the label, which runs rather smoothly, the banking side of QuinnBet leaves a lot to be desired. The reason for this is that only credit/debit card payments are accepted, thus excluding a wide array of users from easily accessing its services; Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro are all accepted, but it’s hardly the most diverse of options.

In terms of ease of use, minimum deposits start from a small £10 up to a large £5,000, with these amounts are able to be processed in GBP due to the licensing of this website. No fees are applied, for either type of transaction, unless your bank chooses to do so, or if you’ve made back 50% less than what you deposited. If the latter occurs, a 3% withdrawal processing fee will be applied. As for the timeframe of when money will be transferred from your account to your bank, the terms don’t detail this, though we suspect it’ll stick to the standard several business days that other online casinos follow.


Since its launch in 2017, QuinnBet Casino, and its sports betting services also, have been under the UK Gambling Commission license. You can see the current status of said license when visiting any of the website’s main pages.

Contact Info and Social Activity

When using QuinnBet, if you should ever need assistance with anything, the customer support team can be contacted via the Contact Us page. Unfortunately, the only option for contacting them is an email address, with no operational hours detailed, and so gaining help may be easier said than done.

As for social media, there’s a Twitter and Facebook widget on the homepage of the QuinnBet site, with both accounts covering all aspects of the brand, not just the casino side. From what we could see, both accounts are still active.


QuinnBet Casino is a fine example of how an online casino should function, for the most part, with the only real issues being that of its limited banking options, no other support besides email, and its inaccessibility outside of Ireland and the UK. Nonetheless, for those of you who can access its services, you’re sure to find a streamlined service, offering a wide range of iGaming entertainment. It basically comes down to what you value most: a customer focused brand, or the ability to access a high array of titles.

Egypt Slots Casino Review

A lot of memorable events have taken place throughout 2018 so far, and the year is nowhere near done! If the bad has far outweighed the good, allow a little bit of adventure into your life by visiting the brand new Egypt Slots Casino. Far from original in its name, this Egyptian themed wonder is bound to put a spring back into your step, as it offers affordable gaming at the touch of your fingertips. What is more, due to its owners, it has a recognisable interface and easy to use design, so that more gamers, even those less experienced, can easily interact with its features.

Company Background

A lot of the time when a new casino emerges, it isn’t actually ‘new’ but rather a revamp of brands we’ve seen before. For example, Nektan, the operators of Egypt Slots, have many websites to their name, all of which look similar to their latest release, with only the theme being the main change. And so, while Egypt Slots is new for 2018, it’s also an old soul, in that it holds a lot of features normally seen from much more experienced labels.

It could therefore be argued that Egypt Slots has been able to get licensing much quicker, due to Nektan already being well known within the industry, and with them having created casinos before. Regardless of whether this is the case, all users are able to see that the site is kept safe by regulations from the Government of Gibraltar, and the UK Gambling Commission. What is more, that such licensing means that certain countries, like Russia, Turkey, and Japan, are unable to register.


Even though we’re pleased to know that experienced hands are guiding this casino, we’re also saddened by that fact as well, as it means that promotional innovative has been kept to a minimum. What this means is that the majority of the bonuses you can access here, can also be accessed on any other Nektan site, albeit with a different profile account.

A prime example of this is the £500 welcome package, an offer that can be activated when making your first £10 deposit. For that cash input, a 100% bonus will be added on top, as well as the inclusion of 10 free spins; following this, two more deposit bonuses can be triggered, valued at 100% and 50%. Moreover, this money also includes further free gaming opportunities. Nonetheless, while good value for money, the rollover requirements of x30 ensure that players have to remain grounded when playing.

In combination with the welcome deals, there’s also weekly cash boosters, coming in the form of four different reward amounts; gamers can get 10%, 25%, and 50% matches on the money allocate. What is more, the fourth cash booster, the Winning Wednesday deal, can give a helpful 15% increase to the winnings made on that particular day. However, just as with the welcome bonuses, all of this is subject to that x30 rollover. The only element of the promotions that seem devoid of that is the VIP scheme, and that’s quite the club to get into, as the minimum requirement is an overall account deposit of £2,000.


Should you have read our casino reviews before, you’ll know all too well that Nektan tends to provide some of its own software for the games section. However, in the case of the new Egypt Slots brand, Evolution Gaming is the main source of software, with Thunderkick, and ELK Studios lending their aid along the way. Consequently, those who join this young platform will find much activities available to play, although slots are the most consistent of this list.

Alongside the reels of the slots, both new and classic, there’s tabletop games of Roulette, and even some live dealer games, should you want a more realistic experience. You’ll also find that some of the titles among those presented will allow demo playthroughs, making this freshly launched site a hidden gem for all play for free gamers. That being said, while there’s a lot of choice to go around, this isn’t a label that could rival the bigger online casinos out there, simply because the extensive diversity can’t compete.


Be you a credit/debit card users, an ewallet fan, or perhaps someone who prefers payment vouchers, Egypt Slots has you covered, so long as you used the more popular payment methods available. There’s Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, and plenty of others, most of which come without any banking fees upon use. Furthermore, these providers will cater to multiple currencies, and so SEK, EUR, and GBP can be found in the payments table of contents, via the Terms and Conditions.

To make a deposit, a minimum of £10 is required, whereas withdrawals will only be actioned when £30 or above is being transferred; two commonly found minimums of the industry. Another conventional trait of this new iGaming brand, is that withdrawal processing can take many working days, due in large to the process pending window that all outputs have to go through. Of course, while up to eight days may be needed, some of the payments may process within a shorter time frame.


We used the Terms of the site more often than not to find answers, but Egypt Slots also has a FAQs section to make use of, should the going get tough. And for those real problems that just won’t resolve no matter how hard you try yourselves, there’s also the help of the support team.

Surprising though it is to learn, this recent release doesn’t provide 24/7 customer service, with its cut off point set at midnight every day of the week, including weekends. Although disappointing for some, with the team back at 8am the following morning, there’s not too many hours where customers are left without aid. As for how to contact the team, that can be do via email, live chat, telephone, and post.


As far as new casinos go, Egypt Slots is up there with the better executed, both in design and its services. Nevertheless, while this is a shining example of what new launches can achieve, that isn’t to say that there’s not aspects of the brand that can be improved. For us to give a four star rating, this new Nektan label would have to increase support hours, offer more promotions, and give you more aesthetic innovation.