New Casino Sites in 2019
New Casino Sites in 2019

Black Type Casino Review

Black Type Casino ReviewIf you’ve only heard of Black Type as a sportsbook, that’s because this is what the brand is predominantly seen as: a place to bet on the races. However, when you delve deeper into the label, it soon becomes clear that this new platform is so much more than a bookies, it’s an online casino too. Sporting a sleek, understated look, this newly released casino doesn’t look all that impressive, but once you get to the games and their software, you soon find that this label holds a lot of promise. The issue with this however, is whether good software is enough to carry the brand forward, as a casino, when the sportsbook side of the brand dominates everything.

Company Background

Actually learning more about this label, from the website itself, isn’t an easy feat, as there’s no mention of an About Us section anywhere on the homepage. What is more, due sports betting being what the site is most commonly used for, little in the way of details about the casino are provided, and so we’re left stumbling in the dark. Rather fitting for a casino called Black Type.

Nonetheless, despite struggling to pin down definitive details, we soon uncovered information about the licensing of the site, which comes from the UK Gambling Commission alone. Although seeing sites with only one license isn’t as common as it used to be, it by no means reflects badly on their safety. That being said, it can impact on the number of restricted jurisdictions included within Black Type Casino’s terms, or at least it should do, but unfortunately the terms mention nothing of these details. Consequently, all we can do is speculate that countries, such as Russia and the US, will be unable to register, as is common throughout the European gambling scene.


Normally, new casinos manage to deliver at least two or more promotions, even if they’re not very generous in what they offer, but with Black Type there’s only one casino promotion. And believe you and me when we say we checked several times to make sure that this was the case. As a result, anyone looking for regular casino perks is in for a shock, with all but one bonus aimed at the sportsbook customers of the label, an unfair advantage that could eventually damage the reputation of this new website.

Provided you are over 18 and a new member, having never made a deposit previously, you’ll be able to activate the 100% deposit bonus. This is by no means an inspiring bonus to be given, nor is it one that hasn’t been seen a hundreds times over, it merely fits the profile that a casino should have. No minimum deposit value is given here, with this bonus only accessible to members from the UK, another detail that ultimately goes against this platform. Once you’ve received your bonus, you’ll have 30 days to meet the x25 wagering requirement, the only positive aspect of the terms of this deal.

That’s it. That’s the only deal that any casino gamer can get at this time, with us hoping that more will come as the casino begins to grow and bring in more customers. If not, well, this side of the site could be lost before it’s truly begun…


In regards to the activities on display, they’re good in their numbers, with users able to choose between table games and pokies without much trouble at all. Nevertheless, common casino elements are missing, such as the ever popular live dealers, which enable real time gaming. The only way we can skip past this gaping hole within the Black Type brand, is by looking at the titles of the site, which come from the likes of Microgaming, Foxium and a few other providers (not that those included are easy to find).

In partnership with the solid software developers presented, there’s also the fact that free playthroughs of many titles is allowed, even when not logged in. Unfortunately however, when we went to test this out for ourselves, we kept running into a 404 website error, and so we couldn’t fully review this feature for ourselves.


If you’ve felt like this new Black Type website has been restricted thus far, you’re about to feel that sting once again, only this time in relation to the banking services. In an unusual move, even for a site that acts as a sportsbook, Black Type only has five enabled banking options, all of which are debit/credit card based. This includes Visa, Visa Debit, and Mastercard. Given the fact that this is a 2018 new casino, such limited options aren’t acceptable, nor are they convenient for users.

Furthermore, it becomes blindingly clear that the UK is the main focus of this website, as withdrawals and deposits will only ever be accepted from UK and Northern Island gamers. Continuing on from this, should you make a withdrawal without having met 50% of the sum of money you’ve deposited, a banking fee of 5% will be charged, which is worth approximately £3. Considering all of this, utilising the banking services of this platform isn’t only inadvisable, it’s a silly choice to make when other new casinos out there provide a far more fair and varied service.


Last up on our review is the support options, which low and behold are sparse like the rest of the services of this casino. If you’re not a member, the full options available to those who are aren’t shown, with your only option then being to send an email to the relevant customer service address. If we sound unimpressed that’s because we are, as transparency is hugely important to users, especially when it comes to assistance. The only real shining star of the support system is that it runs 24 hours a day.


We wanted so desperately for Black Type Casino to be the new and upcoming website of our dreams, but sadly it never comes close to reaching that mark. If you intend to use this platform for sportsbook betting, we suspect your experience will be a smooth and full one, but for casino customers, that won’t be true for you. Perhaps the casino will improve over time, as the operators learn how to expand its capabilities, but for now this isn’t a new casino we’d recommend.