New Casino Sites in 2020
New Casino Sites in 2020


Black Spins Casino Review

Black Spins Casino Feat

All dressed in black is not only a fashion statement with Black Spins casino, it’s a mood too. Launched in early 2019, this Nektan operated site has a sophisticated feel to it, more so than some of its sister sites we’ve come to know and […]

Cosmic Spins Casino Review

Cosmic Spins Casino Feat

Space exploration is not only on the agenda today, it’s our mission statement for the entire year – welcome to the world of Cosmic Spins casino! New for this year, this new website has a lot of character oozing from every pore, therefore meaning we […]

Amigo Slots Casino Review

Amigo Slots Casino Feat

Jumpman Gaming is bringing the heat with Amigo Slots casino, a Mexican themed iGaming website that has only just come out in 2019. Not only does this make it yet another exciting new adventure for the brand, but it also makes it one of the […]

UK Slot Games Casino Review

UK Slot Games Casino

Variety is the spice of life. The more choice we have, and the more chances we get to experience new things, the more fulfilled our lives will be. We couldn’t agree more, nor could Jumpman Gaming, the creative minds behind a new casino called UK […]

Jaak Casino Review

Jaak Casino Review

Dark, mysterious, and wonderfully rich in its black hue, Jaak Casino is a new iGaming hub that has the whole community talking. Given how many new casinos are created regularly, a new casino isn’t necessarily always a hot topic of conversation, however due to the […]

Casino Joy Review

Casino Joy Review

Joy is meant to be a big part of what makes online gaming the fun form of entertainment it is, without experiencing joy as we play, there’d be little incentive to encourage to continue playing. Maybe in a bid to make sure no one is […]

Temple Slots Casino Review

Temple Slots Casino Review

If exploration, though ideally from the comfort of your own home, is what you crave, then you may want to try out the new Temple Slots casino, from the relatively unknown operator Betable Ltd. Even if you’ve not heard of this company, they have quite […]

Bonzo Spins Casino Review

Bonzo Spins Casino Review

September is almost over, with the haunting joy of Halloween soon to be upon us, and yet there’s still much fun to be had in the days left of this month, in the form of Bonzo Spins Casino. Newly launched, this blue and white hub […]

The Online Casino Review

The Online Casino

Names are important, or at least they can be so far as branding is concerned; if the wrong name is selected, it can be damaging to the longevity of the brand. Keeping that in mind, some would say that The Online Casino made a grave […]

LuckyMe Slots Casino Review

Lucky Me Slots

Sporting a fresh faced interface, Lucky Me Slots Casino is a new casino that’ll bring the joys of summer nights into your home. A crisp white colour palette, offset by tropical imagery, helps create a sense of being on holiday, sipping cocktails and loving life, […]

Pirate Slots Casino Review

Pirate Slots

Fair winds and calm seas lie ahead for all who are brave enough to travel the waters of Pirate Slots Casino, a new iGaming label. Decorated with a memorable and playful aesthetic, this novelty themed casino is coming in strong, thanks to its operates, who […]

PWR.Bet Casino Review

PWR.Bet Casino

There’s a lot of buzz words around in 2018, such as ‘GRL’, ‘Yas’, and other such on trend ways of expressing yourself, so it’s unsurprising that operators banded together to create PWR.Bet Casino. As most of you will undoubtedly know, ‘pwr’ is an abbreviation of […]

PlayUK Casino Review


*This is one of the brands we used to feature on the site, however for whatever reason we no longer recommend it. We kept this old review but removed any direct links to the site and advise you to pick another brand from here. We […]

Kong Casino Review

Kong Casino

King Kong may have been regarded as the king of Skull Island, but when it comes to gaming online, Kong Casino still needs to prove itself. The brand is a 2018 launch iGaming website, sporting a orange skied interface, which obviously pays homage to the […]

VIP Spins Casino Review

VIP Spins Casino

If you’re looking for that star treatment, fit for royalty, recently launched VIP Spins is a casino that’s send to provide such services. Operated by ProgressPlay, we can be assured that the quality of the titles is going to be high, however the interface leaves […]

Loot Casino Review – CLOSED

Loot Casino

Introduction New to the industry, Loot Casino is a shiny, bright, and promising iGaming brand, designed to cater to those looking for on trend titles. Having been created with the help of Jumpman Gaming, the operators of the site also, it’s no surprise that this […]

QuinnBet Casino Review


Introduction Owned by an Irish Company, and having been specifically designed for UK and Ireland based customers, QuinnBet Casino is a rather unique iGaming website. Having first launched in 2017, this has been a popular haunt for many gamers, even though the site hasn’t exactly […]

Egypt Slots Casino Review

Egypt Slots Casino

This review is about Egypt Slots Casino. If you are looking for the best ancient Egypt-themed online slot games, please see this site instead. A lot of memorable events have taken place throughout 2018 so far, and the year is nowhere near done! If the […]

Money Reels Casino Review

Money Reels Casino

We’re all for fun ways of making money, and so when Jumpman Gaming dropped their new casino, Money Reels, we were more than game for some new iGaming blood. The industry has been inundated with new content recently, but when it comes from such a […]

Clover Casino Review

Clover Casino

Four leaf clovers are seen as a sign of good luck, particularly when we consider how rare they are, and so Clover Casino should be a lucky charm for all who join. Launched only recently, this green and gold interface is an easy to navigate […]

Rose Slots Casino Review

Rose Slots Casino

Smell the roses with the help of Rose Slots Casino, a brand new casino that promises to offer a wide range of popular activities. Even though the site’s main forte is obviously that of slot machines, we find that Rose Slots is the perfect brand […]

Lucy Casino Review

Lucy Casino

No, you haven’t read that wrong, this new casino is genuinely called Lucy Casino, making it one of the most intriguingly named brands of the moment. We’re used to seeing the word lucky get thrown all over the place within the iGaming community, but to […]

Slots Animal Casino Review

Slots Animal Casino

If you’re feeling animalistic, and want to satisfy your hunger for adventure and entertainment, you can do so by visiting Slots Animal Casino review. This new website has only just made its way onto our devices, and already it’s proving to be somewhat of a […]

Cheeky Casino Review

Cheeky Casino

In the UK, there’s a rather odd, but common, trend in which you add the word cheeky in front of certain words, with the most common phrase being “having a cheeky Nando’s”. Although not a universal term, perhaps those of you who can relate to […]

Elf Slots Casino Review

Elf Slots Casino

Elven wonder awaits those who are willing, and brave, enough to delve into the magical world of Elf Slots, a recently launched online casino. Decorated with enchanting imagery and a striking design, this Jumpman Gaming operated platform is one you won’t soon forget. It would […]

Big Thunder Slots Casino Review

Big Thunder Slots Casino

The rumble of thunder in the distance is normally a sound that makes us a little nervous – will the storm be a bad one this time? But the rumbling you hear when playing Big Thunder Slots is nothing more than the sound of you […]

Sparkle Slots Casino Review

Sparkle Slots Casino

*This is one of the brands we used to feature on the site, however for whatever reason we no longer recommend it. We kept this old review but removed any direct links to the site and advise you to pick another brand from here. There […]

Brightstar Casino Review

Brightstar Casino

*This is one of the brands we used to feature on the site, however for whatever reason we no longer recommend it. We kept this old review but removed any direct links to the site and advise you to pick another brand from here. Hoping […]

BlueFox Casino Review

Blue Fox Casino

*This is one of the brands we used to feature on the site, however for whatever reason we no longer recommend it. We kept this old review but removed any direct links to the site and advise you to pick another brand from here. There’s […]

London Jackpots Casino Review

London Jackpots Casino

Advertised as a high end online casino, the new London Jackpots is selling its customers the classic, fancy, Mayfair side of the British capital. To do this, rather than presenting a iconic set of images of the UK and London itself, this website has taken […]

bCasino Review


A new year also means new casinos, and while we’re four months into 2018, there’s still lots of new brands to launch, not to mention plenty that have been released already. One such casino that was released this year is bCasino, a bright red platform […]

Planet Fruity Casino Review – CLOSED

Planet Fruity Casino

Finding new online casinos to register with isn’t a hard task, given how diverse the industry is, and the fact that new platforms, like Planet Fruity, are being released regularly. Fresh for this year, Planet Fruity showcases a pale blue interface, utilising cartoony space iconography […]

Big Win Vegas Casino Review

Big Win Vegas Casino

When any casino, new or old, has a name that involves ‘Vegas’, it needs to to live up to a lot in order to please customers. Given the fact that Big Win Vegas was only launched in February, it’s going to be hard for such […]

Genesis Casino Review

Genesis Casino

As iGaming reviewers, it’s rare to get the chance to discuss an online casino yet to be released, but that’s exactly what we’re able to do when it comes to Genesis Casino. This stunning new platform looks impressive, even if we can’t see more than […]

Scorching Slots Casino Review

Scorching Slots Casino

This new casino must have been created within the red hot embers of the fires of hell itself, going by its name at least; Scorching Slots is a site freshly crafted for 2018, and with it comes an accessible and jam packed collection of games. […]

SlotSino Casino Review – CLOSED

SlotSino Casino

Fresh for this year, we bring to you SlotSino Casino, an online platform that has a pleasant sounding name that simply rolls off of the tongue. Sporting a simple yet attractive design, this fresh interface has all the hallmarks of a site with great untapped […]

CasinoGB Review – CLOSED


Should you have been trying to find information about CasinoGB and have struggled to find details, it’s due to the fact that this is a newly established platform for 2018. As such, there’s very few reviews about it services in circulation at this time, leaving […]

Novibet Casino Review

Novibet Casino

If the name of this casino sounds familiar, it’s because Novibet has been around for the last eight years, having been launched in 2010. As such, it’s like a grandparent of the industry, having weathered changes newer sites haven’t been able to. Yet, it looks […]

Rise Casino Review

Rise Casino

March appears to have been a busy month for the iGaming circuit, as Rise Casino was launched during that month, as well as several brands. Due to this enormous influx of new sites to explore, we remain skeptical as we explore what these new sites […]

Well Done Slots Casino Review

Well Done Slots Casino

Getting a ‘well done’ from anyone is praise we welcome, but with this 2018 launched casino, we can expect to hear more choruses of praise thanks to its services. Brought to you by Jumpman Gaming Limited, a well known company that has a significant portfolio […]

OReels Casino Review

OReels Casino

Going off of the name alone, we suspected that OReels Casino would have an Irish theme so thick that it would give us an Irish accent. However, what we actually experienced was a mundane interface with minimal Irish iconography. Seeing as this challenges the stereotypical […]

Slots Baby Casino Review

Slots Baby

According to the bright pink interface of Slots Baby, the site is there to capture the psychedelic vibes of the 1970s; call us nitpickers, but we’re sure they mean the 1960s, as that’s when such vibes were most powerfully felt. Not forgetting that they use […]

666Casino Review


The mark of the devil is going to be upon you when you start playing with this devilish online casino, but at least you’ll receive wickedly good deals because of it. 666 Casino is a red and black brand that does away with the fire […]

GemSlots Casino Review

GemSlots Casino

Whenever a casino mentions ‘slots’ in its name, we have to wonder about the type of experience laid out before us, will it be one of variance or one of all slot machines? It’s sometimes difficult to gauge when not a member, but we can […]

Power Spins Casino Review

Power Spins Casino

As much as some online casinos sell themselves as a hassle free experience, a lot of the time what they say and do can be two separate things. Although we don’t want to jump the gun and say this is the case with Power Spins […]

Mr Play Casino Review

Mr Play Casino

If you’re someone who likes to start off the year with the saying ‘new year, new me’, you might want to think about looking at new casino Mr Play. This aesthetically pleasing, yet minimally decorated, brand is one of several new iGaming sites, making it […]

Mr Vegas Casino Review

Mr Vegas Casino

There’s many game labels out there that use ‘Vegas’ in the title, with many more creating a sort of fictional character of this gambling destination by sticking ‘Mr’ in front of it. As such, we’re given new websites like Mr Vegas Casino. This gold and […]

Fun Casino Review

Fun Casino

If it feels like you can’t move because of all the new casinos, this is largely true, as yet another newcomer joins our midst in the form of Fun Casino. This online domain has a basic interface, designed in such a way that it makes […]

Fika Casino Review

Fika Casino

*This is one of the brands we used to feature on the site, however for whatever reason we no longer recommend it. We kept this old review but removed any direct links to the site and advise you to pick another brand from here. Sometimes […]

Fairground Slots Casino Review

Fairground Slots Casino

The sound of cheering children, the screams of joy as they whizz around on the rides, not forgetting that first bite of cotton candy – it all reminds us of the fairgrounds we visited as kids, and visit with our own children now. If you […]

Flume Casino Review

Flume Casino

We’re bringing you news of a new casino, one that comes from an extremely seasoned company, a company which has churned out many new labels throughout 2017 alone. You could argue that it’s not always good that such sites are made so easily, but that’s […]

Vegas Hero Casino Review

Vegas Hero

For some of us, the dream of being a hero is one that we have from a young age, with the allure of helping others and receiving praise a heady combination. Although this new casino won’t necessarily turn you into the hero you want to […]

Arctic Spins Casino Review

Arctic Spins Casino Feat

The arctic is known as a beautiful but chilly landscape, able to turn your skin ice cold as soon as you step outside your tent. It’s an adventure that most of us will never undertake, but we can still enjoy the intensity of this destination […]

Cop Slots Casino Review

Cop Slots Casino

No doubt many of you played cops and robbers when you were younger, running around houses and gardens, making gun noises. Well, although we won’t be doing that with this new casino, it will bring those memories flooding back, thanks to the name of the […]

Fortune Fiesta Casino Review

Fortune Fiesta Casino

There’s nothing like the excitement you first feel when you discover a new online casino; there’s this tingle of anticipation. Sometimes we’re satisfied with what we find, but other times we long for something a little more satisfying, a website that’s original. This brings us […]

Cheeky Win Casino Review

Cheeky Win Casino

*This is one of the brands we used to feature on the site, however for whatever reason we no longer recommend it. We kept this old review but removed any direct links to the site and advise you to pick another brand from here. The […]

Atlantic Spins Casino Review

Atlantic Spins Casino

We’re back again, this time with a new casino called Atlantic Spins, designed in a subtle blue and white aesthetic that’s simplistic and plain looking. Although it has a more muted appearance, that doesn’t make it any less exciting than the other gaming labels around. […]

Buddy Slots Casino Review

Buddy Slots Casino

Everyone always says that dogs are man’s best friend, but we wonder whether that’ll change to Buddy Slots being man’s best friend soon. If you take a look at the flurry pawed mascot of this new casino, you’ll see why we’re certain a shift in […]

123 Spins Casino Review

123 Spins Casino

If you really enjoy a good game of slot machines, then you’ve come to the right place when playing with 123 Spins. This new online casino brand is the perfect way to spend an evening, with the bright colours promoting a sense of fun and […]

Mr Jack Vegas Casino Review

Mr Jack Vegas Casino

Are you ready to be excited? If you are, you’re in the right place, seeing as how ProgressPlay have released a brand new casino for us to enjoy. Called Mr Jack Vegas, it has a fun and fresh name, not to mention a bright and […]