New Casino Sites in 2020
New Casino Sites in 2020


Spins Royale Casino Review

Spins Royale Casino

One of the few constants you can be sure of when gambling online, is that Nektan will release a new casino every few months or so. This is why we’re bringing you the Spins Royale casino review, so that you can see what makes this […]

Arcade Spins Casino Review

Arcade Spins Casino

The 1980s will never be gone when you play with Arcade Spins, a new online casino that comes from Cassava Enterprises. As this comes from such a well known brand, we can rest easy knowing that this is a new label that comes from a […]

SunSet Spins Casino Review

SunSet Spins Casino

We introduce you to another new casino now, one that comes from the familiar name of Nektan Casinos Limited. Even though we’re used to them sticking to a specific way of designing their casinos, it doesn’t take away from our excitement at them having released […]

Kozmo Casino Review

Kozmo Casino

Fresh out of production, with its launch not far behind it, we have the sparkling new casino of Kozmo. This simple but pleasant looking site is home to an array of titles, with its main focus being on slot machines. Of course, Kozmo Casino needs […]

Casimba Casino Review

Casimba Casino

>Who are we to say no to another new casino? The industry might have many of them, but it can never hurt to have a few more, especially if they take the form of Casimba Casino. This UK based label wasn’t launched all that long […]

Goldman Casino Review

Goldman Casino

Gold is such an affluent and powerful colour, it symbolises wealth, prosperity, and an underlying luxury. It could be argued as the holy grail of our goals in life, to obtain gold. Should you be looking for more good fortune in your life, you could […]

Slots Kingdom Casino Review

Slots Kingdom Casino

Gaining the keys to the kingdom has been made simple, thanks to the likes of Slots Kingdom, a powerful epicentre of gaming delights. This sleek looking interface, designed to not only be accessible but easy to navigate, introduces you to a host of features on […]

Seven Cherries Casino Review

Seven Cherries Casino

The succulent red of cherries is going to be at the forefront of all your gaming needs, that is now that you’ve discovered the haven that is Seven Cherries. This simple looking gaming site may lack aesthetic charm, but that doesn’t impact on its ability […]

Mail Casino Review

Mail Casino

We bring to you another fancy casino, this time that was first launched in 2016. Due to the age of the casino, we’d still class this as in its infancy, though it’s clearly had time to grow. Mail Casino is a plain looking platform, having […]

Dream Jackpot Casino Review

Dream Jackpot Casino

Waking from our dreams can, sometimes, but an unpleasant experience, but that doesn’t have to be the case when you play with Dream Jackpot, a new casino for 2017. This busy looking website might have a lot going on, but in doing so, it offers […]

Pots of Luck Casino Review

Pots of Luck Casino

We’re back again, this time by taking a look at Pots of Luck, an Irish themed casino that promises you gold at the end of the rainbow and much more. Though, as always, you need to be willing enough to pay the toll in order […]

Mr Superplay Casino Review

Mr Superplay Casino

Looking fresh for 2017 is exactly what Mr Superplay Casino is doing, as you can see from the cool mint green of its aesthetics. This might be a bit more in your face than other brands out there, but it serves the purpose of grabbing […]

Pyramids Fortune Casino Review

Pyramid's Fortune Casino

The Egyptians have always been seen as a golden culture, with their wealth dominating and spanning their era, however sadly those days are gone… or are they? Pyramids Fortune, an online casino fresh for 2017, brings with it the wealth of this forgotten empire, all […]

Divine Slots Casino Review

Divine Slots Casino

If you’re a fan of slot machines and bingo, Divine Slots is the place to visit. Not only is it owned by a brand that is synonymous with slots of all types, but it’s a fresh take on what makes a great casino. The cheesy […]

Spinzwin Casino Review

Spinzwin Casino

If you like to win when you’re spinning, you’re best playing with a new online casino like Spinzwin. As the name so aptly suggests, it’s all about winning when you engage with this brand. Even though the name could be considered cheesy, we like the […]

Aladdin Slots Casino Review

Aladdin Slots Casino

We all know the name Aladdin, whether it’s because of Disney or another story we’ve heard, so when we came across Aladdin Slots we got excited. This magical ride might be separate from Disney’s, but it has a lot of wonder to offer those who […]

The Sun Play Casino Review

The Sun Play Casino

You may have already come across a casino from The Sun before, but this one is different. Why? We assume it’s to provide as much diversity as possible, ensuring that many are catered to rather than the few. This website, titled The Sun Play, is […]

Kaiser Slots Casino Review

Kaiser Slots Casino

There’s been a lot of new ‘blood’ injected into the online gambling industry, so much so that it can be difficult to know which sites are good and which need work. For today, we’re going to look at Kaiser Slots, a casino that’s been around […]

House of Jack Casino Review

House of Jack Casino

It seems like we almost can’t move from all the new online casinos that are popping up all over place; 2017 might have been a questionable year for many reasons, but gaming isn’t one of them. House of Jack, a fairly basic looking interface, is […]

Barbados Casino Review

Barbados Casino

Holidays and sunny days at the beach are something many of us long for, but rarely get the time to enjoy, and so websites like Barbados Casino bring the sun to us. This type of platform not only delivers accessible gaming, but it also provides […]

Sloty Casino Review

Sloty Casino

Flying into the air, free as a bird but with the elegance of a plane, is on the agenda when playing with Sloty Casino. Although the name of this gaming platform doesn’t give away it’s aerodynamic nature, the design certainly does, with plenty of fluffy […]

LV Bet Casino Review

LV Bet Casino Feat

The online gambling scene is filled with numerous black, sleek looking designs, and so it can be a little underwhelming to see yet another added to the list. That being said, it would seem that LV Bet has something a little extra to its aesthetic, […]

CKCasino Review


If you’re looking for a new online casino to play with, one that cuts out the rubbish that often comes with novelty themes, and gets straight down to the gaming, there’s no better than CKCasino. The sumptuous black and gold design makes this one for […]

Wizard Slots Casino Review

Wizard Slots Casino

Do you believe in magic? You’re about to if you become a player with Wizard Slots, an online casino that delivers magic spells in the form of slots, card games, and so much more. For saying that this is a fairly young casino, we feel […]

Easy Slots Casino Review

Easy Slots Casino

There’s going to be easy and breezy gameplay coming your way, with an ample supply of casino games, primarily that of slots. All of this is then presented in a red and yellow package, one that is low key on the novelty, but still delivers […]

Reel Vegas Casino Review

Reel Vegas Casino

We’re in for an attack of orange and red, in the form of Reel Vegas Casino, an online gaming platform that has received a lot of mixed reviews since its launch in early 2017. Our initial findings are pleasant if not overwhelming, but this is […]

Plush Casino Review

Plush Casino

The glossy red and black of this new casino is as alluring as it is titillating; Plush Casino have a sophisticated atmosphere, one that promotes luxury and elegance. As a result, their design offers a more adult and polished environment in which you can play […]

Slot Planet Casino Review

Slot Planet Casino

Our initial findings of Slot Planet are mixed to say the least, as the brand hardly looks like an operational casino but more like a help page. The layout and colour palette doesn’t promote a vibrant atmosphere of fun, but one of facts and cold […]

Yeti Casino Review

Yeti Casino

The life of the mythical yeti may be one of ice and snow, but with the Maltese owned Yeti Casino, things are hotting up thanks to some amazing games. This young brand may be playing on the gimmick of a fluffy giant, but in doing […]