New Casino Sites in 2022
New Casino Sites in 2022

Cosmic Spins Casino Review

Space exploration is not only on the agenda today, it’s our mission statement for the entire year – welcome to the world of Cosmic Spins casino! New for this year, this new website has a lot of character oozing from every pore, therefore meaning we have something fresh to engage with rather than the tried and tested generic conventions of more seasoned labels. It looks the part, it navigates well, it promises high quality gaming, and it plays on mobile, there isn’t much not to like.

Nevertheless, as this is a new site from a relatively unknown brand, we’d like to test out this rocket before we hitch a ride on it. Our first stop of this space adventure is the operators, and the general history behind how this iGaming label came into being.

Company Background

Unlike with some brands, there’s a lot of information to get through when reading the About Us page of Cosmic Spins. Some of what you’ll find there is the typical jargon of any online casino, but mixed in with that is vital information about player safety, what they hope to achieve, and how to use your account. It’s a goldmine of information, something we can’t commend the brand for enough.

So who is behind this label? That would be Betable Ltd. Having launched in 2008, they have made a name for themselves within this community, but we wouldn’t say that they’re one of the leading providers. Alongside their guidance, the site is also regulated by a license from the UK Gambling Commission, resulting in accessibility for users located in the UK, Germany, and New Zealand. The list of permitted countries is extensive, however please be aware that those attempting to play from any prohibited countries, such as the US, will be denied access.


Our next stop on our journey is the games section, a part of the brand that some would argue is the most important of all. As you’ll be able to see for yourselves, this is a very packed page of options, with users able to play pokies, arcade games, poker, and more. However, if you actually take the time to look at the full catalog section by section, you’ll see that the range isn’t nearly as generous as it first appears. In fact, we’d say Cosmic Spins lacks diversity in abundance.

This could be argued as being due to its age, but we doubt that anything will change as the brand gets older, and so it’s important for users to release to lack of longevity this website may have. On the opposite side of this argument however, you have the fact that live dealers are offered, and that brands such as NetEnt and Play’n GO are involved, two names which are huge within the industry.


Given how accessible this casino is, playing with money isn’t a necessity, however if you should want to make a deposit, you can do so with ease via Visa, Mastercard and/or PayPal. As surprising as this may be, these are the only payments listed on the site, and so there isn’t much room for manuevouring. This is also true of the enabled currencies, which start and end with GBP, another feature which some users will find limiting.

As frustrating as this may seem, there’s the silver lining of the low minimum £10 deposit threshold, and that withdrawals only take three to four working days. If you should change your mind and wish to reverse your withdrawal, aka cancel it, please be aware that you’ll be unable to do so once a request has been put through.


Last up on our tour of Cosmic Spins is customer service, sadly yet another element of the casino that could do with some fine tuning. The biggest issue we have is that the team is only on hand between 8am and 10pm; true, this is every day of the week, but that still isn’t a large window of time when you consider how vast the gaming community is. What is more, you can only contact support via email or live chat. Overall, it just seems a little rushed and incapable of helping us when we need assistance the most.


Don’t get us wrong, we love the feel of Cosmic Spins casino – its freshness is completely unmatched by any other new casino released thus far. However, we still feel like something is missing from this label, therefore making it fall short of its full potential. Perhaps this brand will grow overtime, but we’re worried that it’ll simply stay a small, but impressive looking, online platform…