New Casino Sites in 2019
New Casino Sites in 2019

Dr Slot Casino Review

If you manage to play all the way through the services of this new casino without saying the phrase “the dr will see you now”, then you have a stronger will than us. Launched recently, Dr Slot Casino has proven itself a joyful yet mixed bag of casino offerings, with its creators seemingly stuck in between being exceptional and being mediocre. In truth, this isn’t a bad spot to be, and yet we’re hoping that this neon signed platform has more to deliver to its users than bright aesthetics and top notch pokies. Using the promise of free spins and numerous other promos, it looks like we can do little but allow ourselves to be sucked into this minimally decorated domain. We only hope that we find a new casino that holds promise…

Company Background

Surprising though it may be to believe, the operators of Dr Slot, Intouch Games, are based in the West Midlands of the UK; as this isn’t the thriving centre of iGaming, we find them being at the helm an unexpected turn of events. Not that Intouch Games haven’t proven themselves, seeing as how they pull in well over two million users across the products they operate. This particular brand of theirs, this new and shiny casino, was released in 2018.

Young though the brand may be, the operators are no fools, which is why they have a license from the UK Gambling Commission watching over the services of this site. We’ll admit that we expected a dual license rather than a single one, but that doesn’t make the impact of the license any less valid. Due to this site following UK regulations, certain jurisdictions are unable to be part of this new Dr Slot family, mainly those living in the US and similar locations. Sadly, we can’t give more specifics details, as they’re not provided by the casino itself.


According to the promotions page, this recently established casino is going to stop boredom in its tracks, thanks to a collection of boredom busting bonuses. The thing is, while we can evidently see that thought has gone into making these rewards as unique as possible, we wouldn’t agree with the notion that they’re the most rewarding bonuses available. That being said, they definitely help Dr Slot to highlight its brand and how they approach their customers.

If you’re new to this casino, then you’ll be able to redeem up to 120 free spins, 20 of which are given for signing up, followed by as much as £1,000 in bonus monies, provided you activate all of the five deposit bonuses. The first bonus is a conventional 200%, accompanied by another 100%, two lots of 50% bonuses, and then a lowly 25%; all of which are applied after a £10 deposit. Despite everything being familiar to us, the returns speak for themselves, and most certainly demonstrate a generosity that other brands can often lack.

Moving on from here, there’s a weekly special for free spins, as well as a New Games Bonus that’s ready and waiting for when exclusive software appears on the site, and then, of course, there’s a VIP club. The rules of this membership work as they do elsewhere, in which there’s several levels to progress through, with the top ranking level presenting the most prizes. Even though we don’t expect a new casino to rewrite the casino industry, some individuality would have been nice.


If you’ve read up about Dr Slot before now and are concerned that it’s only offering slot machines, we’re afraid we can’t ease your concerns about that. You see, while there’s a Casino page available, it only sports a single table top game, meaning that the rest are all one armed bandits. There’s no live casino, no scratch cards, no mini games – it’s basically a slot machine frenzy. What is more, there’s under ten slots currently active, seeing as how the Dr Slot brand is behind the titles created. Although extremely unusual, and limiting, it does peak our curiosity as to how this label will grow later down the line, especially if they don’t start introducing software from other labels.

Partnered with this distinct lack of variance, there’s also the factor that the titles appear to be more geared up to mobile gaming than desktop play, which again creates a restrictive atmosphere for certain gamers. Even though we love mobile friendly games, we want to be able to play those activities on our computers as well.


The main championed form of banking with this new site is paying via your phone bill, a service that works for both monthly and pay-as-you-go users. However, it’s also possible to make a transactions by using Visa/Mastercard, Paysafecard, and Skrill, with these being the small collection of payment methods accepted. Unfortunately for some of you, Dr Slot’s banking only gets ‘worse’, as the permitted currencies cover that of EUR and GBP, with no others mentioned.

Despite this rocky start, banking does have some perks, like a minimum deposit ask of between £3 and £5, with the £3 limit for those who bank using their phones, while withdrawals are capped between £20 and £30. Similar to the deposits, the higher limit is for those of you who don’t meet specific demands, with this case in point being about the difference between depositing and non-depositing players. If you make a deposit, withdrawal minimums are lower, but if you don’t, then they’re higher. Whenever a withdrawal goes through, the process of checking and then transferring your cash can take up to four business days.


As we proceed to customer service, we find that this budding platform delivers ample coverage with not only their 24 hour services, but due to them offering live chat, email, and phone support. The only problem with these services is finding them, as navigation is more tedious than it needs be – there’s more steps than what’s necessary, a single click would have sufficed, but instead they made it more complicated. Nonetheless, as this is a new site, we can forgive Dr Slot trying to do something different to its competitors, to help make their brand stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion of Dr Slot Casino Review

Try though we might to give you a more positive spin on things, the truth of the matter is that Dr Slot doesn’t feel quite finished. This new website has a lot of potential, but most of it is currently locked away while the brand stumbles about trying to establish itself. It’s not that we’d suggest avoiding this label, but more that you proceed with caution, as there’s little that this casino can offer at this moment in time.