New Casino Sites in 2019
New Casino Sites in 2019

Highroller Casino Review

Highroller Casino ReviewThe online gambling community is filled with recognised terms, used to identify both players and games alike, with the term ‘highroller’ being one often seen. It refers to users that go all out, aiming big and often spending money the same way. This is the title that a new casino has given itself, although the theme of its interface isn’t exactly what we’d attribute to a so called highroller. Instead, it looks more like something from an animated Batman episode. Although it may not be what we were expecting, all signs point to an innovative means of gaming. It’s been a long time since we’ve been this excited about a new brand, so let’s dive right on in and get exploring this sprawling metropolis.

Company Background

Seeing as we’ve read the words ‘new’, it goes without saying that this is a freshly released website for 2017, with the Maltese company Betit Operations Ltd behind the label. They’re not a massive games brand, but they’re one that has a few contemporary casinos to its name. They often create unique designs, with this one presenting a map that you need to progress through before you experience the full extent of Highroller.

In regards to regulations and licensing, that falls to the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, otherwise referred to as the MGA. Given the fact that this is owned by a Maltese brand, it makes sense that a license comes from Malta as well. Due to the rules of each governing body, specific countries aren’t allowed to play, such as Cyprus, the US, and Italy. There’s a wide array of other jurisdictions included on the list, so we’d advise you do some more research if you’re unsure about where you fit in.


If you wish to see all the promotions available, you’ll need to register before all the relevant information is given to you; for those who prefer a more casual approach, this is a tedious feature. Once you’ve signed up, which requires your mobile number for a pin to be sent to you, you’ll then have access to the Rewards page.

Truth be told, the range given isn’t that great, with the welcome offer and a small promo, called The Sting, available. The Sting is an extremely brief mini game, in which you identify the highest paying card and then try and follow it as it gets shuffled around. After the shuffling, you need to select the card you think is your original one, with the reward being coins of varying value. As for The Heist, aka the new members deal, that comes in the form of deposit bonus, which comes from a minimum spend of £10. The specifics of the bonus is a tad spotty in places, with the tagline just saying to ‘top up with £50 to get £150’; the lack of basic info is disconcerting, and ruins the effect of this innovative system. In addition to the 35x wagering requirement attached, there’s also 50 spins awarded over the next five days, with each set playable on a different slot.

Alongside all of this is the Highroller Shop, where you can spend the coins you collect throughout the streets of Highroller, able to be used in exchange for free spins on a diverse series of games. It’s not a VIP club as such, but it still gives you something to work towards after you’ve joined.


Finding the games and their corresponding information is much easier than the bonuses, with the full range split into different sections for ease of use. Each of the categories has a hashtag in front, which we assume is to feel more on trend with the younger generation of users. Although we don’t know the exact reasoning, the overall layout works well.

When you find a title you want to try, you can either play for real or play for fun, depending on whether the latter option is available. You’ll know if it is as the thumbnail will proudly present it as such. Obviously, activities that are from the Live Casino won’t offer such a demo, while the slots, table games and so forth will do more often than not. As for the software involved, that comes from Microgaming, NextGen Gaming, and Quickspin, three labels that are valued within the iGaming circuit.


The FAQs is where you need to head for all banking details, although to see the range of payment methods open to you, it’s advised you visit the cashier page as well. This is because some countries don’t permit certain options, although the overall range covers that of Visa, Skrill and Neteller. Due to these offerings, currencies like SEK, GBP and EUR are also enabled.

When it comes to timeframes for both deposits and withdrawals, deposits tend to be instant while withdrawals can take up to up to three business days to be processed. All things considered, this is a relatively speedy timeframe to be given. What is more, no fees are mentioned in either section, though to be doubly sure, a read of the Terms and Conditions wouldn’t go amiss.


If the city of Highroller becomes too hard going for you, there’s others out there that you can contact, which to normal casino players would mean the support team. Given that this is a 2017 casino, there’s obviously live chat to access, a feature which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nonetheless, if this option isn’t right for you, you can send an email to the team. Sadly however, no contact number is offered, which for some will prove limiting, given how verbal conversions can provide a quicker means of assistance. Partnered with this however, is the FAQs we mentioned earlier, which you could argue offers another layer of support.


We can honestly say that it’s been quite some time since we joined a casino that’s as fresh and innovative as Highroller; others claim as much, but never truly deliver. But not with this brand, this one has created a city that you play through, with different areas unlocking once you’ve reached a certain point. It’s such a simple idea, yet it helps to make this website feel so much greater than what it is.