New Casino Sites in 2020
New Casino Sites in 2020

House of Jack Casino Review

*This is one of the brands we used to feature on the site, however for whatever reason we no longer recommend it. We kept this old review but removed any direct links to the site and advise you to pick another brand from here.

House of Jack Casino ReviewIt seems like we almost can’t move from all the new online casinos that are popping up all over place; 2017 might have been a questionable year for many reasons, but gaming isn’t one of them. House of Jack, a fairly basic looking interface, is yet another newcomer on the block, looking to peak your interests and get you playing with real money. We wouldn’t say it commands your devices like some brands do, but most of the high impact ones have been around for a lot longer. Therefore, you wouldn’t expect a newbie to hit hard when it comes to looks, games, and other elements.

Company Background

Even though nobody knows who Jack actually is, we do know that this website was first launched in 2017, making it a new casino. As we all know, newbies within the industry can be a bit hit and miss, but with Cardins Enterprises Ltd behind the wheel, players can rest assured that quality and safety comes first and foremost. In regards to who regulates the license in place, that would be Curacao eGaming.

Even though this is a well known license to have in place, and one that is accepting of most territories, this predominately Australian focused casino doesn’t allow certain players. Anyone visiting from the UK, US, Spain or France (drawing attention to only a few), won’t be allowed to play the games. However, they can still browse the site.


Remember how we just said that this is a freshly created site? Well you wouldn’t be able to tell that by looking at the promotions. This is because they seem to be quite varied, with several offers in place, most of which cater to returning gamers rather than just the new ones. That being said, there’s a welcome offer that many newcomers will find rather entertaining.

The bonus can give you as much as £450 in bonus monies, though do bare in mind that the deposit bonus is separated across three allocations: 100%, then 50%, thereafter returning to 100%. You’ll need to utilise the codes given each time, eg. JACK1, JACK2, and JACK3, to ensure the rewards work. Furthermore, there’s a 40x wagering requirement.

In addition to this, and the other rewards mentioned, there’s also the Jack Pack. This VIP Club is an extremely exclusive membership, as demonstrated by how thorough the information surrounding the club is. As you’d expect, loyalty and dedication are the main components to secure yourself a place, however if you don’t maintain certain standards, you stand to lose your VIP status. It would seem that House of Jack take being a VIP very seriously, so much so to the point that it sort of removes the fun out of the membership, though that’s just our initial opinion.


In regards to the games that are listed, how they appear to you can vary depending on whereabouts in the world you are. For example, if you’re visiting from one of the restricted countries, you’ll have no access to the titles, with only pages of information presented instead. However, if you are able to play with the brand, you’ll be greeted with over 600 activities, ranging from slots, traditional games, and so on. At this time, we’re unable to comment whether Live Casino is used here, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it is, given the variance provided thus far.

As for the software used, this comes from all sorts of companies, such as Microgaming, Quickspin, and BetSoft. This diversity, which isn’t by any means the greatest we’ve seen, ensures that many interests and genres are catered for rather than a select few. Considering that House of Jack is all about offering what players need, having the option to try multiple brands is something that sets them apart from others. Another perk of this label is that the games are mobile compatible, allowing you to play when you’re on the move. From our own personal experiences, the titles seem to play without any lags or delays, though a strong wi-fi signal would be recommended.


One of the many aspects of this site we need to praise is that of its organisation – House of Jack has a subsection for everything, which helps customers locate what they need. The same is true of the banking, with the page laid out in a concise and clear manner; it makes accessing the necessary information not only easier, but more convenient too. When you visit this page, you’ll note that the countries that can play with the brand are separated into the providers they accept, as well as the currencies and any fees being listed also.

You’ll also note that the major payment methods, such as credit cards and ewallets, are provided here, as well as a range of monies, such as AUD, CAD, EUROS, and NZD. Upon taking a closer look at the methods, you’ll be able to see which allow deposits (which is all of them), and which allow withdrawals (many don’t, so make sure to read up on the method you use). As you’d expect, withdrawals take longer to process, with as many as five business days needed before the transaction is complete.


As we move onto the contact section, we become aware that there’s several avenues to go down, each of them accessible 24/7. However, this dedication to customers isn’t just mentioned in this part of the site but throughout most sections, thus highlighting how customer focused they are. Many sites can say that they’re all about their clients, but few make it a commitment like House of Jack have.

If you’re interested in the specifics of the methods of customer support, there’s phone numbers for each of the countries allowed to game here. Than there’s email support, followed by the most accessible, which is live chat. We tested the latter and found that the service was extremely detailed, with the team being polite yet professional at all times.


We’re a little sadden that some countries won’t ever be able to experience the full extent of the House of Jack, as this is an exceptional online casino. All that are able to play will find everything works smoothly, with the depth of the software and service second to none. We hope that the brand keeps on going from strength to strength, and that it’s a label that is around for a while yet, and not just a flash in the pan.