New Casino Sites in 2019
New Casino Sites in 2019

Midaur Casino Review

Midaur Casino ReviewLuxury experiences are one of the many aspects of life that many of us actively seek out, so why should it be any different when it comes to gaming online? Midaur, a sophisticated black and gold online casino, delivers elegance in abundance, as well as numerous casino classics to engage with. From first glance, this looks to be a well established brand, with various perks, however it’ll take a thorough review to learn whether this is the case or not. After all, good looks can only take a label so far, once the aesthetics and their charm ware off, it’s going to take some solid gaming for us to back this website.

Company Background

When it comes to the name behind this brand, we find that a small Isle of Man company, Infinity Gaming Solutions Limited Casinos, are running the show. Even though they only appear to have this single platform to their name now, there’s no reason why a newbie brand can’t be as successful as a more established one. But we’re not here to simply discuss whether the owners can cut it or not, we’re here to learn more about safety and the licenses that regulate this site.

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission takes the reins here, which, again, is another small body within the industry. Nevertheless, small or not, this 2017 launched casino has rules in place to ensure that the environment is a fun and secure one. A factor that’s reinforced by the fact that the entire website and its contents are encrypted, all of which you can find out about in the FAQs section. Here you’ll note that the US, Turkey and Spain are unable to play with this casino.


In regards to promotions, Midaur does a decent enough job of delivering, however it might be hard for guests to see due to the nature of the site: you need to register in order to access the full site. This can be seen as a little tedious, but we can assure you that enough of an overview is provided to ensure that all players know what they’re getting when becoming a member. As always, we’ll start with any welcome bonuses in place, as these will undoubtedly be the main stop for all newcomers.

Midaur has a single deposit bonus in place, one that requires at least a £25 allocation of cash before the reward can be accessed. Even though this ask is steeper than most, it does come with a 100% deposit monies bonus, meaning you play with a lot more than what you bet. Nonetheless, this offer isn’t without a wagering requirement, which is where the 35x comes in; you’ll need to make money this many times before being able to withdraw your funds. Although this sounds easy enough to get back, not all of the games contribute to this, and so your best bet is to stick to slots and scratch cards, if you’re eager to make the money back and quickly.

There’s other weekly deals as well, such as TGIF, however it’s the VIP programme that we’re eager to learn more about. This is because we all like being rewarded for our loyalty, especially when you’re a high roller wanting to make a name for themselves. The way this scheme works is to collect points, points which are then accumulated in order to figure out which tier of membership you’re on. The highest amount of points you’ll need, to be the best, is 100,000, then you’ll become Elite.


The beauty of playing with Midaur, besides getting a fresher experience, is that you can game on both your desktop and devices, ensuring you never miss a game. Moreover, the quality of the site is maintained across the board, as are the graphics, meaning you always experience the games to their fullest. These games include, but aren’t limited to, ELK Studios, Iron Dog Studio, and NYX.

Another bonus to the software here is that you can try out many of the titles without having to use real money: click the game and you’ll be given information about it, as well as an option for play for fun and play for real. Of course, this isn’t possible with the Live Casino games they offer, but at least you can test drive most of the site before committing any money. That’s always something we highly praise, simply because it makes the website more accessible to all budgets.


Should you still be interested in Midaur, it’s about time you learnt about all the banking possibilities, to double check that this casino definitely does suit your needs. Again, please note that it’s easier to find this sort of information once you’ve joined. When we searched, we found that the FAQs helped a little, but it was the Terms and Conditions that explained everything fully.

When you visit either section, or your account profile, you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw with either debit/credit cards and ewallets, such as Skrill and VISA, which allows for GBP, EUR, and USD. However, before you do this, make sure you’ve read about the limitations of each, such as Skrill, which has a withdrawal limit of £250 to £2,500. This is the lowest amount out of all of the others. As for withdrawal times, they can take up to seven working days.


Finally, we come to the customer support; Midaur has an email address, contact number, and live chat capabilities as well. Even though we’re happy to see this, we’re disappointed to learn that support is only accessible between the hours of 9am until 6pm every day, which will be restrictive for some of you players out there. Still, at least you have the majority of the day to access help. Should you need assistance, you can get it by visiting the Contact Us page, or tapping the Help tab at the side of the screen, on all the webpages of Midaur. This however, is only for email and chat help, so the contact page is always wise for those needing a number.


Overall, we’ve been very impressed with Midaur, even more so considering how young they still are. That being said, we would like to see the website accessible to all, without the need to sign up; even though it isn’t a big problem, it may be users off who favour convenience above all else. Other than that, we’d conclude that this is a first rate casino on the rise, deserving of a four star rating.