New Casino Sites in 2022
New Casino Sites in 2022

Mobile Casinos

The new millennium has brought a drastic change in the online gambling industry, opening an entirely new market and targeting different demographics. With the evolution of mobile device technology, the playing field for the casino operators has become wider than ever, making the online casinos available anytime and anywhere. It wasn’t long before gaming sites designed specifically for mobile users appeared, with everything that an online casino has to offer attainable at a single click and through no more than a downloadable app.

How do Mobile Casinos work?

The online casino can be either mobile device compatible or built as an app which can be downloaded for free from the gaming site as well as obtained from the google store. This ensures an instant access to the gaming offer and does not restrict the players to a single gaming section. The app itself can be different depending on the platform used and the players can choose between an Android or an iOS version, which can be found on iTunes store. Slots and other casino games can also be created for smartphone and tablets exclusively, while designing a game that’s both PC and mobile device compatible can sometimes come with a different functionality or layout, depending on the device that the players are using to launch it.

Recommended Mobile Casino sites

Playing Mobile Casino on Android

Mobile Casino on AndroidThe majority of online casino visitors who use their smartphones or tablets as their gaming stations are Android users, making this platform extremely adaptive to any environment. The installation process takes seconds and launching the casino on your Android powered device does not come at a price of diminished UI functionality, visual features, or navigation. Of course, not all mobile casinos will have to be downloaded and accessed through an app; the players can also launch the site through their browsers and play the games or handle their accounts with no additional steps.

Playing Mobile Casinos on iPhone & iPad

Mobile Casinos on iPhoneApple users are extremely important and constantly growing demographics of the online community, and the significance of this market is undeniably reflected in the online gambling industry. The iOS mobile casino app can be found on the App Store for 3G/4G and wi-fi connections, and once inside the store, the players will be able to see the app rating as well as the screenshots for both iPhone and iPad device, allowing you to compare. It should be noted that some games may not run the same on iOS and Android devices and that certain layout, audio or visual inconsistencies may be noticed, depending on the launching platform.

Mobile banking options

Using a mobile device for your online gambling escapades will not limit your payment options and mobile casinos enable their members to use any of the usual payment channels – e-wallets, cards… Still, if you would like to focus on phone specific methods, three of the most popular solutions are Pay by Phone methods such as Boku and Payforit.

Pay by Phone

Pay by PhoneThis method allows the players to deposit without using their payment cards or bank account, which can be extremely convenient if you would like to maintain a certain level of discretion when using mobile casino sites. Another advantage is that Pay By Phone does not require any registrations and the users can place the deposit without creating an account or providing their personal information. The main disadvantage is that Pay by Phone comes with somewhat lower limits, although this can be a great damage control in case of any unauthorised charges.


BokuBoku is one of the most popular Pay by Phone services and selecting this as your payment method will enable you to instantly fund your casino cashier by entering your phone number. The amount will be covered by your carrier and the expenses will be reflected on your next phone bill. The daily amount that you can spend using Boku is £30 (or £10 per transaction) and an active UK number is pretty much the only requirement for using the service. Even the pre-paid phone users can pay with Boku, providing they have enough balance.


PayforitPayforit is another cross-network payment system reserved for UK mobile operators, which facilitates the purchasing of online services and apps, including the ones in the field of online gambling. To use Payforit, users should simply select the option from the list of available methods, enter their phone number and wait for the SMS with the code. By entering the code into the payment window, the users confirm and complete the charge. There is also another way to pay for a service or submit a deposit via Payforit and it involves sending a code to a 5-digit number. The depositors will receive the confirmation for every transaction as well as the receipt with the phone number of the service provider.


How to choose a suitable Mobile Casino?

Choosing the best mobile casino will depend on the player’s device and the gaming selection, although most the casinos will be fully functional on both Android and iOS device. Basically, every criterion that you apply in finding a perfect desktop online casino can be used for narrowing down the search for your ideal mobile casino as well, and the basis for the search will be the platform of your smart device.

What are the benefits of using a Mobile Casino?

Mobility and ease of access are the key benefits to using mobile cCasino sites – your favourite games will be at your fingertips and there are even special bonuses and promotions tailored exclusively for mobile casino users.

Do Mobile Casinos have the same offer as regular online casinos?

There are mobile casinos with the mobile-specific offer and games only designed for the touchscreen technology, however, that will not limit your access to other online casino categories and you will be able to play any game available in the casino, including fantasy sports.

Are Live Dealer tables available to Mobile Casino players?

Finding a Live Dealer software that’s not compatible with mobile devices is extremely rare nowadays. Live Casino lobby can just as easily be explored on one’s PC, tablet, or smartphone.

What are the downsides of Mobile Casinos?

The obvious downside is the smaller screen size although this shortcoming is successfully bridged by using a tablet. In some cases, the gaming offer in strictly mobile casinos can be a bit limited but recently, one can barely tell a difference between a mobile casino and a PC instant-play online casino.

Is It Safe to Play?

The safety regulations attached to mobile casinos are no different from the ones implemented in desktop casinos. Just like with any other online casino, the games are RNG certified and the SSL encryption protecting the sensitive data is applied.

Can You Play for Real Money in Mobile Casinos?

Of course – real money and free-play mode are available in mobile casinos.


Mobile casinos are both the future and the present of online gambling and every technological advancement in the field of mobile software design is reflected in the gaming industry. Whether or not one will use mobile casino service will depend on how practical or comfortable one considers this platform to be, but, in the long run, providing the option has become an indispensable part of operator’s services and most of the players enjoy having a choice.