New Casino Sites in 2019
New Casino Sites in 2019

MustardBet Casino Review

MustardBet Casino ReviewWhen a brand is named MustardBet, you naturally assume that you’re going to be greeted by some garish yellow interface, perhaps decorated with food imagery. But you’d be wrong to think that, as MustardBet Casino is a garish purple website, with no hint of a novelty theme in sight. Despite its bright colours, which are a little too overwhelming for such a platform, this label is intent on being recognised as a mature online casino. Another aspect of the brand that we’re certain of is that this is one of the newest labels to be released this year, which may surprise some of you, given how busy the homepage is. From the outside looking in, this appears to be a well established platform a couple of years old, not the stumbling infant it actually is.

Company Background

Given all the references to its newness, it’s likely that you’ve already guessed that MustardBet was launched in 2018. However, what you won’t know is that it was as recently as March that this happened, nor will you likely be aware that the operators and owners of this label are Mustard Sports Limited itself. It’s not easy to find this information from the website, as there’s no About Us page, not to mention very little from the Blog posts section either.

Despite not having all the answers right in front of us, we can rest easy knowing that a dual license from the UK Gambling Commission and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is at work. As such, there’ll be jurisdictions around the world unable to access the services of this brand, due to the gambling laws they operate under; although this is the case, no mention of which countries are restricted is given within the terms. Nonetheless, seeing as the likes of Russia, the US and Turkey are among the typically restricted, we can assume that they are here also.


Moving away from MustardBet Casino for the moment, we’ve seen that there’s a lot of confusion online as to which part of this brand is in Beta mode currently; some reviews say the casino, while others the sportsbook. Due to the Beta icon being placed next to the Sports subsection, we assume that’s where the work in progress still lies. When taking this into account, it suddenly makes the lack of casino promotions even less excusable, seeing as how the casino was better established first.

We dislike having to say this, but there’s only one promotion active at this time, and not a very generous one at that. What is more, it doesn’t adhere to the conventional norms of other online casino bonuses, and so is uncomfortably unfamiliar to a lot of users. It’s not that we don’t welcome innovation, just that we like to know what we’re getting without having to root around to find out. Furthermore, we also like to see familiar deals/rewards alongside new ones, just so that we feel better adjusted to such a new platform.

MustardBet Casino offers a Casino Cashback Bonus, and yes, it’s as dull as it sounds. You see, the amount of cash you get back for a stake of £10 or over is only between 1 and 2%. True, you receive this every time that money is wagered on games involved with this offer, but that’s hardly enough to make this the sole promotional material of an entire casino brand. It just isn’t enough. To qualify for this deal, if you’re still interested, you must use either a debit or credit card for the payment, with you automatically opted into the offer the moment you wager £10. The only positive of this promo is that there’s no wagering requirements to deal with, which makes for a refreshing change of pace.


In reference to the games selection of this new label, MustardBet has done a good job in supplying us with plenty of options, although most of them do come from Microgaming. Even though exclusivity of the software is incorporated into the experience, it makes sense due to how influential Microgaming is within this market. Not that there isn’t alternate software enabled, as there’s games from Quickspin and Genesis Gaming also, however these are inferior in number when compared with Microgaming.

Following on from this, we look to the types of activities presented, which consists of online pokies, card games, tabletop titles, and progressive jackpots. Sadly a live casino option is desperately missing from this list, even more so when you consider that roulette and poker are playable games on this site, just not in real time. Another unfortunate feature of the games is that there’s no freeplay opportunities, or at least there’s none when you’ve yet to become a member. Consequently, MustardBet Casino feels a little closed off for such a young brand.


We couldn’t find a banking page to browse in order to find solid facts about the banking system, which once again throws up a red flag for us. Nevertheless, what we did find was a little window of information at the bottom of each webpage, informing customers of what currency you’re banking in and what methods of payment are allowed. Only GBP and EUR are enabled, used through the means of either Visa or Maestro, with no other payment options available whatsoever. We know being a new casino can be tough, and we know that there’s Beta sections all across this site, but two payment methods is insufficient for any label, regardless of its newness.

We’d love to finish up this section on a lighter note, but it only gets worse when we take a look at the banking terms, as these state that fees can be brought against you when using payment services. However, MustardBet doesn’t really clarify when that will be or for what reasons. Moreover, we aren’t given any details in regards to the limitations of deposits and withdrawals, nor how long it takes for withdrawals to be processed; it’s all very unfinished.


Thank goodness we’ve reached a section we can finally be positive about! MustardBet has an adequate support system, offering its users email, live chat and telephone services between specific hours of the day. When accessing these options throughout the working week, aka Monday to Friday, the times are set at 9am and 5pm, however on weekends those times change to between 10am and 7pm. It’s worth noting that this part of the website states clearly that it’s still in Beta mode, which begs the question as to why this casino has fully launched at all. There’s so many parts yet to be finalised, it gives the wrong impression of this brand.


Where do we begin? MustardBet Casino may improve with age (we can but hope), once it’s left the Beta stage and finally cemented itself as a fully working platform, but that time isn’t upon the label yet. In our opinion, it shouldn’t have been released in such a state of unfinishedness, as it’s going up against stiff competition, and from labels that are better formed and prepared. Due to the state of its services, we can’t recommend MustardBet Casino at this time.