New Casino Sites in 2022
New Casino Sites in 2022

Boku Casino Sites

Some Words About Boku

Boku is a mobile payment platform that enables monetary transactions via mobile phone and the user’s phone number. By opting for this method, buyers authorise the merchant to invoice their service provider who will then charge the amount through the phone bill. The services and goods that one can pay using Boku include subscriptions, music and video streaming, apps, online gambling, etc. At the moment, Boku partners with 250 mobile providers in more than 60 countries, and the company’s reach is estimated as higher than the reach of Facebook and VISA.


Boku CasinoNo registration is needed to use Boku as a payment method and that’s the beauty of it! If you have always dreamed of a world free of membership accounts and endless logins, Boku will be your go-to payment device. Direct carrier billing will allow you to transfer up to £10 per transaction to the intended recipient, limiting the daily amount that can be spent to £30. To pay via Boku, you only need an active UK phone number and you’ll be all set and ready to make your online casino deposits or pay for services to all the merchants that accept this method of payment.

Boku Casinos in The UK

Personal Data at Boku Casino

If you would like to keep your personal affairs private, using Boku casino sites will definitely add an extra layer of discretion. The charge is being processed via your carrier and there will be no traces of your spending activities on the bank statement. The entire process is quick and painless without involving any annoying side-steps, which is precisely why many people opt for this payment method even if they do have credit/debit cards, active bank accounts or e-wallets. There will be no sign-ins and personal data submission – after you input your phone number on initial deposit, you will no longer be required to repeat the step or do anything else apart from selecting the amount you wish to transfer.

Short Facts


Operating on approximately 65 territories and partnering with around 250 phone companies, Boku is one of the safest choices for all those who contract with O2, Orange, EE, Vodafone, etc. If you are uncertain whether or not you are eligible to use your phone number for handling online transactions and if your location is covered by Boku, do not hesitate to contact your operator and they will be able to help you.

Areas of Use

You can find number of online casino sites that accept boku payment as well as the following providers: Sony, Spotify, Blizard, Microsoft, Apple… Obviously, the tool is designed for digital services and you will not be able to pay for anything outside the online games and applications category.

Making a Deposit

This is where pay by Boku casino really shines since the method removes all the tedious elements from making a deposit and reduces a payment to a 10-second procedure. Before you can even take the time to blink, the payment is processed and confirmed and you are free to play.

As soon as you are ready for your first deposit, select the Boku Pay By Mobile from the menu and you will be directed to Boku platform. The first step is to confirm the deposit amount and enter your phone number. Once this is completed, SMS with the request to confirm the transaction will be sent to your number for verification purposes.

The final step is sending “Y” to the same number, which will automatically authenticate the transaction and you will be provided with the SMS receipt. Should the transaction fail (for any reason), you will receive a notification with the service number to call for additional information.


Online casino pay by Boku payment options is a one-way street and you will not be able to use the method for any withdrawals. Once you are ready to collect your winnings, an alternative will have to be found among the online casino’s accepted payment methods.

Safety and Security

SafetyA phone number is the only data that you will need to disclose for the transaction to be processed, which is simply perfect for the users who don’t feel comfortable with sharing their personal information and sensitive data online. An additional safety layer is achieved with SMS verification system as well as with the strict payment limits which, although restrictive, provide a great damage control.