New Casino Sites in 2022
New Casino Sites in 2022

Pirate Slots Casino Review

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Fair winds and calm seas lie ahead for all who are brave enough to travel the waters of Pirate Slots Casino, a new iGaming label. Decorated with a memorable and playful aesthetic, this novelty themed casino is coming in strong, thanks to its operates, who are renowned for creating unique spaces in which users can game. Despite the pirate theme being far from a new concept, Pirate Slots has managed to make it their own, with the rich colours and imagery looking like something from a child’s illustration. Before you hop aboard however, you need to be aware that this site will only open up the majority of its services once you’ve become a verified member, and so sneaky around won’t get you very far. Fortunately for you, we’ve been aboard already, and so we know how everything works behind the scenes.

Company Background

If you haven’t guessed already, the operators of this website are Jumpman Gaming, a company that is well connected within online slots and bingo circuits. They have a very distinct feel to their products, therefore making them easy to spot among other such content, however this in turn does make them a predictable brand.

Pirate Slots is a new for 2018, with few reviewers having actually discussed the intricacies of this site yet, and so we’re one of the first. Don’t be concerned that this is a sign of underlying issues, as Pirate Slots is a trusted site, thanks to the licensing it has overseeing it, which comes from the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. As you might have guessed from this dual license, UK users are the primary target of Pirate Slots, however other jurisdictions are also able to join. That being said, there’s many countries that are restricted, including that of the US, Serbia, and Turkey; to make research easier for everyone, Jumpman has provided details of this inside their terms and conditions.


Seeing as how the word “slot” is in the name of this brand, it’s evident that this is the primary focus of the sites entertainment value; yes, other activities are available, but they’re in short supply when compared with the online pokies Jumpman have collected. Some of the software comes from Jumpman Gaming themselves, however there’s also titles from ELK Studios and Foxium. Although these are good developers, who have a solid following, the selection provided is by no means as extensive as others out there, and so you may eventually find the activities limiting.

Until that happens however, you’ll be able to play bingo, slots, and large jackpot games, once you’ve registered that is. You see, unlike some casinos which enable visitors to sample gameplay via demo versions of its titles, Pirate Slots doesn’t allow this, and so you have to sign up/login in order to play. It’s an annoying feature, but it does well to encourage potential customers to bite the bullet and join the Pirate Slots community. Moreover, please be aware that no live dealer games are available here, a factor that may limit the type of clientele that this new casino attracts.


Unlike with some online brands, this newly launched casino allows for three payment methods, at any one time, to be active, therefore gifting users the freedom of choice. Nonetheless, while this freedom is given with one hand, it’s then taken away by the fact that only debit card payments, as well as PayPal, seem to be allowed. Perhaps this is due to Jumpman Gaming being a slightly smaller brand, or more UK focused, but whatever the reason it ensures that the site feels limited in scope.

When making a deposit or withdrawal, the minimum amount asked for is £10, a small amount that does help make processing easier. That being said, as is the norma across the iGaming industry, withdrawals take longer to process than deposits, with Jumpman Gaming having a pending period of 72 hours. More often than not, withdrawals are put through quicker than that, but those hours, added on top of the three working days average, means that waiting times are lengthy no matter which payment you choose. On the plus side, it seems that no banking fees are attached to the methods allowed, and so there’s a silver lining to be found here.


Our biggest problem with Pirate Slots, even more so when we keep in mind how new it is, is that support only runs Monday to Friday, from 9:30am until 6pm. Furthermore, that bank holidays are excluded from this, and so operational hours are even less for the majority of UK gamers. Even though we can appreciate that this is simply how Jumpman chooses to operate, it’s inescapable that this niche set of hours damages the accessibility of the brand.

As for how to contact the team, when services are open, that can be done via live chat and emails, with no sign of telephone services in sight. Despite most users preferring written communication to verbal, we feel that phone support is a valuable tool of any support system, and so should, ideally, be included. In addition to these services, there’s also the FAQs, which is where you’ll find the contact details for the site.


This is a very hit and miss new casino, in our opinion, as on the one hand it looks the part and works well, but on another, it fails to give customers around the clock care, alongside limited banking options. It’s a good example of a catch-22. If you’re able to overlook the grey areas of this brand, then you’ll find a top of the range online casino, fresh to the market and eager to please. But if you can’t, then you soon realise that Pirate Slots has little to offer you. It simply depends on your perspective, and what you’re looking for from an iGaming label.

Due to everything we’ve covered, we’d rate this site three and a half stars out of five, with the hopes that Jumpman Gaming might improve their branding further, in order to provide a more stimulating end result.