New Casino Sites in 2020
New Casino Sites in 2020

Slot Planet Casino Review

Slot Planet Casino ReviewOur initial findings of Slot Planet are mixed to say the least, as the brand hardly looks like an operational casino but more like a help page. The layout and colour palette doesn’t promote a vibrant atmosphere of fun, but one of facts and cold hard data; it won’t feel appetising for most users. Nevertheless, as we all know that looks can be deceiving, we feel it’s high time we gave this brand the benefit of the doubt and tried out everything they have on offer. Fingers crossed that we find better results once we’re further in and playing the titles.


Even in spite of its poor design, Slot Planet is said to be one of the most popular casinos around, at least according to their About Me page. Whether this is true, we can’t say, but given the fact that this site was launched in 2007, we’d summarise that they must be doing something right to have survived this long. Perhaps it’s due to them being owned by Imperium Network Solutions Limited, a white label platform based in London? Or maybe it’s because of the two licenses that Slot Planet have in place, both from Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission? We can’t say for certain, but so far the company side of the brand seems to be efficient and in working order.

If we take a look at the countries that are restricted with the company, we become aware of a prominent and growing list; from Iran to the USA to Russia, there’s over 30 countries that aren’t allowed to use the services of Slot Planet. Although this isn’t unheard for an online casino, this is one of the larger lists we’ve come across in our time, which could go against the label.


When it comes to finding out about promotions, Slot Planet begins to let us down tremendously. Instead of having all the information available, you need to sign up if you’re to see any of the terms and conditions of the welcome package. What is more, when you visit the Promotions section, you’re given a very lacklustre looking list; there’s plenty of content, but it looks so unpolished and unappealing. Even though this put us off, we did discover that most of the bonuses reset at the start of every month, therefore offering a wide array of rewards, mainly geared towards returning customers.

Seeing as how we managed to find some information about bonuses for new members, we thought it best to give as much detail as possible in regards to them. There are 22 bonus spins on Starburst (upon registration), in addition there is a 100% bonus up to £222. Also, you have a wagering requirement of 50x upon registration, which wagering upon deposit changes for 35x, so do make sure to read all the promotional conditions attached to this and other promotions.


To locate all the games available, you need only select the Casino heading and you’ll be taken to an array of titles; you can tackle them as a whole, or browse the individual sections provided. We prefer to do the latter, simply because it’s more user friendly, however you can proceed how you wish to, or you can use the search bar and/or the provider ordering list. Listing by providers isn’t always offered by online casinos, yet it can simplify the whole process further, and so we’re happy to see it implemented here.

In among the slots, for which Slot Planet is named, you also have Live Casino and video poker, among other activities. All in all it’s a diverse range for gamers to get involved with, and one that will struggle to be rivalled by another brand, though casinos like Yeti are always in the lead due to the enormous volume they deliver. Slot Planet has roughly 370 plus titles, most of which are slots based.

Should you not be interested in registering just yet, the slots and a few other examples can be played without becoming a member. Simply select the ‘play demo’ option and you’ll be asked whether you want to proceed or signup, and then a new window will open. It was fairly quick and easy, allowing us to try before inputting any personal data.


Just as we did in regards to the promotional material, we were asked to signup before we could look at the cashier information given, which is yet another hinderance to our experience. The whole point of a casino, besides its games, is to be transparent with its services – the more they do that, the more likely people are to join. True, you can scroll through the Terms and Conditions to find some deposit and withdrawal information, but it’s a very tedious affair. Fortunately, we were able to look elsewhere for information regarding accepted payment methods, which include the likes of Trustly, bank transfer, and Neteller (these are just a handful of the full providers mentioned).

We couldn’t find any mention of fees attached to these methods, though there’s commentary in regards to credit/debit card actions being instantaneous. As for withdrawals, there’s a min requirement of £30, followed by a list of potential hurdles should Slot Planet decide to ask for further details and/or limit your allocations of cash. In our opinion, this is one of the poorest banking systems we’ve come across, and one we’d loathe to use unless necessary; it just feels so clunky and under finished.


The Slot Planet Support page offers two options as a point of contact for customer service, with a troubleshoot walkthrough provided underneath. Although the latter is helpful, we suspect that most casual players wouldn’t feel comfortable completing a troubleshoot by themselves, and so they would then rely on either the live chat or email anyway.

As happy as we are to see two accessible means of contacting customer support, we can’t ignore the fact that services here are limited, especially when compared with newer models of casino. True, the new casino edge of live chat is a welcomed sight, but not all players will feel comfortable using such modern technology, and so again we’re back to the limitations of Slot Planet.


We wanted to like this casino, but Slot Planet really missed the mark for us, straight from the off; it looks poor, lacks in depth, and just doesn’t entice us in. If we had to give a rating it would be a low three stars, potentially lower given how many issues we found with the website. Don’t get us wrong, there’s some positives to be found here, but it feels like the cons far outweigh the pros at this moment in time.