New Casino Sites in 2019
New Casino Sites in 2019

SpinJuju Casino Review

SpinJuju Casino ReviewPutting a spell on someone is normally regarded as a bad thing, even with the best intentions behind it, and so we’re hoping that SpinJuju isn’t a casino we regret joining. This new witchcraft themed website has been around for a couple of years now, but that doesn’t make it any less youthful. In fact, if you weren’t to know its age, you’d swear blind it had only just be released. Sporting a memorable design, one that hints at voodoo rituals and the likes, it’s not a brand you’ll soon forget, which we hope bodes well for the rest of our experience. Some of you may not be able to join, but we hope that those who can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Company Background

In regards of learning more about the website, the casino itself doesn’t reveal all that much, save for SpinJuju Casino being born from a rebellious woman named Jade. Even though the bio details much about her, she’s used as a mere logo more than anything else. Seeing as we’ve got so little to work with, we have to use other means in order to find answers, which unfortunately means homework.

After a bit of digging, we discover that this young site was released in 2016, a creation from the minds of MT SecureTrade Limited. Even though they’re not the most recognised of games brands, they have seasoned expertise within this field, and so you can rely on their products. Another aspect of the casino you can be confident in is that of the licensing, which comes from the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and the UK Gambling Commission. Due to these laws in place, the US, Hong Kong, and Spain are three of the countries unable to register.


Unless you’re a member, finding out about the promotions can be a struggle. This is due to the fact that the Rewards are mentioned but not the welcome bonus, and so it appears that no standard type of promo exists. We can confirm that this isn’t the case. In fact, there’s a couple of deals ready for newcomers, all they need do is register.

The first set of spins you’ll get will be available to players residing in specific countries, which consists of Norway, Canada among a few others; it’s a niche selection. All of these terms are perfectly normal for a bonus, but it’s when it comes to the wagering requirement, we get something abnormal: there isn’t one. Any wins you make off of these games will be free of any rollover necessities, and therefore can be withdrawn immediately.

Once you’ve done this, you can then choose which promo you want when making your first deposit, thus giving you the typical setup we’re so used to. It’s only after that that we start to see some innovative features, like the Rewards we mentioned earlier. These specials are gifted to you as you progress through your membership. Think of it a bit like a loyalty scheme, but not as you know it.


No matter if you want popular games, old fashioned classics, maybe even a spin on some live casino action, there’s something for you to savour. In spite of that being the case, we have to be honest and inform you that the slot machines are the most diverse of the categories presented. We find this is true nine times out of 10 with any online games website, as irritating as that may be for many of you.

The likes of NetEnt, Thunderkick and Play’N GO are among the software involved, meaning you can get a varied experience in terms of software developers. Should you want to play any of these games without paying, you’re in luck as freeplays are available from most of the pokies. These freeplays can be played on both desktop and mobile, therefore giving fans a more robust form of iGaming than some of SpinJuju’s rivals. After all, not all online casinos are mobile friendly, even though you think they would be.


To make a win, even the smallest of victories, you’ll need to have deposited some funds. In an attempt to make these transactions as simple as can be, SpinJuju Casino has provided a mix of providers. To reassure you of their accessibility, we’d like to point you in the direction of Visa, Trustly and Neteller.

Most of the options given with work for withdrawals as well, although that process will take longer to go through than deposits, as is the norm for any casino, even the freshly founded ones. Although this platform doesn’t refer to minimum deposit amounts, it lists the maximum withdrawal figures for weekly outputs, which is a high £10,000. This top amount can be withdrawn in GBP and EUR, making it adaptable for domestic and international consumers.


The first port of call for support is live chat, which is where the new window takes you when you select the contact us page. Should you not quite want to launch into a chat about the issue just yet, you’ll be able to switch to the FAQs. Despite being neatly packaged, deceivingly looking to have little detail, this part of the new casino is extensive, therefore making it invaluable should support not be available.

In reference to availability, this is where SpinJuju Casino falls short, as the hours are between 10am and 10pm; as you can see, that’s a short window of opportunity. You only have to think of all those early bird gamers and night owls to know that a huge chunk of customers is being missed out.


Our hopes had been quite high on this one, mainly because of how different the interface looks and feels, but as we continued reviewing, things started to become all too familiar. That being said, the Rewards feature is a prime example of how quirky SpinJuju Casino can be when given the chance to. It may not be a good enough reason for some of you to join, but for those among you that value regular rewards, it’s a huge boon to have attached to your account.

As for the support hours, they too are another area we feel strongly about, only for a different reason. Creators know all too well how much users value instantaneous service, so to not utilise that when able seems like laziness more than anything else.