New Casino Sites in 2022
New Casino Sites in 2022

Temple Slots Casino Review

If exploration, though ideally from the comfort of your own home, is what you crave, then you may want to try out the new Temple Slots casino, from the relatively unknown operator Betable Ltd. Even if you’ve not heard of this company, they have quite the impressive portfolio, as demonstrated by the interface of the website and the services it provides. This adventure themed haven of iGaming is all shiny and new, making it the perfect companion for those of you who want a more contemporary experience when gaming online. Stunning, immersive graphics, alongside a well thought out design, allows for a more streamlined experience, something that enables this new casino to stand out from the crowd.

Company Background

Part of the reason the allure of this brand is so tempting, is due to the fact that Betable Ltd is such an unknown, despite the team that makes up the company being thoroughly experienced. From what we could find whilst doing our research, the company was founded in 2017, this conclusion however, is as much speculation on our part as it is fact, seeing as how the company website gives little information away.

As for when Temple Slots casino was launched, that was in 2018, thus making it one of the latest products to grace the industry from this particular brand. However, in spite of being such a new label, Temple Slots has all the trimmings that any casino should have, like that of licensing. Regulated by the UK Gambling Commission alone, this single licensed website is a fantastic hot spot for UK based players, while those residing in the US, Italy and/or Yemen will be unable to register. Sadly, this isn’t detailed within the terms and conditions, so you’ll have to talk to the support team to learn more.


Games wise, Temple Slots has a lot to offer for a casino so new and young, however that isn’t to say that their list is the most extensive available; even though they’re big on pokies, other activities, such as the live casino, are definitely lacking. As a result, this is more a website that’s designed for one armed bandit gamers in mind, as the title of the site so aptly suggests.

To access all the titles available, users can take one of several approaches, such as browsing via the most popular activities of the moment section, via each category at a time, or by looking at all the games in their entirety. The latter option is best for those who have no idea what they’re looking for, while the other filters allow for a more user friendly navigation, as does the search bar, an invaluable tool that helps narrow down searches even more. Most of the titles offer a demo version to play, coming from the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, and Next Gen Gaming, however not all the activities permit demo playthroughs, so be prepared to have to play with real cash.


Called Betable Wallet the banking at Temple Slots is, unfortunately, limited, in that there’s only debit cards and PayPal on offer. This, when compared with other new casinos, is quite restrictive, as it excludes other popular methods like that of Neteller and Skrill. Nonetheless, while the range here is highly questionable, this new platform has at least opted for payment options that nearly every online user will have access to, and therefore shouldn’t have any problems utilising.

Deposits are instantly transferred into your casino account, with a minimum of £10 asked of each user, while withdrawals tend to take up to three working days to clear. Although Temple Slots states that this is a rather slow timeframe, we find three days super fast when compared with the average waiting time of up to seven business days. Therefore, if speedy banking is something that rates highly on your list of must haves, this new website is going to tick all the right boxes for you. Another positive is that there’s no banking fees when utilising services, thus allowing for a more carefree way of banking and, ultimately, gaming.


The beauty of the support system in place with this new website is that the support tab takes you to the FAQs before anything else, thus allowing you to figure out any issues you have at your leisure. Thereafter, should that prove inefficient, gamers can then contact the team via the customer service details provided alongside these questions.

Even though we like how easy to use everything is, customer support soon breaks down due to only email options and live chat being available, as well as limited operational hours of between 8am and 10pm. For a new casino, these hours are unacceptable, as most users won’t even begin logging in until much later in the evening, and so there’ll be hordes of gamers unable to contact a member of the team. Our hope is that Temple Slots will improve on this, as this is an element of their services which will ultimately hold them back.

Conclusion ov Temple Slots Casino Review

All in all, Temple Slots Casino is an exciting new website that holds a lot of promise for all who visit it, including those better acquainted with the iGaming industry. However, while this new casino is a breath of fresh air, it isn’t one because of the innovation it introduces, but rather because it looks good and (mainly) works well. What this means, quite simply, is that more needs to be done in order to make this an outstanding casino rather than a good one. This truth however, is something that’s unlikely to be improved upon, as few casinos ever evolve beyond the product we see upon release.

Nevertheless, for now Temple Slots shows us that Betable Ltd has something refreshing to offer us, something that we haven’t had to look forward to for quite some time now. And so, by taking all of this into account, we’d rate Temple Slots Casino three and a half stars out of five.