New Casino Sites in 2019
New Casino Sites in 2019

Yohoo Slots Casino Review

Yohoo Slots Casino ReviewSaying no to anything cute and cuddly is really difficult, so we reckon you’ll struggle to turn down the delights of Yohoo Slots, seeing as how the mascot is a cute meerkat. Meerkats have been super trendy recently, so it’s not surprising that a new casino has tried to appeal to players by having animal themed imagery. Not that that’s all that you can enjoy when you game with this Jumpman brand, for there’s numerous games, promotions, and a handful of banking options. We know that the latter doesn’t sound that great, but it’s an important part of the online casino industry.

Company Background

If you’re struggling to find out more about the Yohoo Slots company, that isn’t surprising because there’s no information available about when the casino was established, or who owns the site. This then means that you’ll need to so a little of research behind the scenes if you’re eager to know more about Yohoo Slots; we did this and discovered that the site was released in July 2017. This is yet another online casino that Jumpman Gaming Limited have launched in 2017, which is a little worrying, as it seems like they’re unsure which will work and which won’t.

However, one element we don’t have to think about is the license of the casino, which belongs to Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and then there’s another from the UK Gambling Commission. In addition to this, there’s also Responsible Gaming rules in place to help emphasise how safety focused this brand is.This enables parental controls to prevent youngsters gambling, as well as reality checks to help customers not spend too much time online.

We’d like to tell you about who can and cannot play with Yohoo Slots, but sadly there’s no clear information on which countries allowed and which aren’t. This is understandable given how young the brand is, so perhaps that information will become more readily available once the website is more seasoned.


Seeing as how joining an online casino is more than just about the titles, we need to go to the Promotions page and look at what is being offered. After all, if the games are good but the bonuses aren’t, you might decide to go somewhere else in the end. In terms of the offering from Yahoo Slots, it’s much of the same as any other Jumpman Gaming rewards, which can be offputting. However, due to the fact that they reward their customers handsomely, maybe we can overlook that sameness in this instance.

Firstly, we’d like to look at what new members receive, which has been fashioned in a rather unique way. Instead of the typical welcome package, customers are given a Mega Reel spin, a sort of wheel of fortune that can grant you all sorts of rewards, sometimes as many as 500 spins on Starburst. To be able to spin this magical reel, you’ll need to make that first deposit, with a minimum of £20. What is more, for every other £20 you allocate, you’ll be granted another spin of the Mega Reel. In spite of this being an innovative means of rewarding newbies, there are still casino conventions in place, like the wagering requirement, which is a rather large 65x.

Alongside the promotions, you have a VIP membership section that’s worked out via loyalty points, called the Pizza Club. The points you need come from interacting across the site and playing as many of the games as possible. As always, the more you do this, the more points will be collected, and the more likely you’ll be to reach the Legend Level.


Due to who the owners are, and who operates this website, you can expect to see the likely suspects of NetEnt and Microgaming making an appearance; they tend to be involved with all Jumpman casinos. For some this will be perfect, ensuring that feel right at home moving from one platform to another, but for others the repeated patterns will prove too overwhelming. After all, you’ll get all the same games.

Speaking of the titles, they’re mostly slots, as the name of this casino suggests. What is more, while there’s casino activities available, there’s no Live Casino option, which is limiting considering how much that type of feature is taking off these days. Another potential con, to those not looking to use real cash especially, is that there’s no demo option for the titles. This means you have to become a member before even trying out the goods, something we tend to dislike in an online brand.


We’re afraid it’s a lot of the same when it comes to the banking, with Jumpman not offering anything in the way of innovation. The payment methods are basic in their depth, with credit cards and the odd ewallet being the only options; considering how new this site is, we expected more scope. Mixed in with that you then have the delays placed on withdrawals, with extra documentation potentially halting the process altogether.

As for acceptable currencies, GBP is the only one listed in the Terms and Conditions, which again is seen as extremely limiting. Although we welcome a UK friendly website, the fact that there’s no chance of playing with other monies makes us wonder whether Yohoo Slots is a worthy investment.


In terms of contact us options, there’s three on hand, all of which are messaging services rather than an actual conversation. This is a shame, as the use of WhatsApp would permit calls, and yet the brand only wants you to message them with an issue. It’s all too restrictive, some players will prefer hearing a customer service team member. And yet, on the flip of this, these options are more instantaneous, and so the response should be more speedy. Our biggest criticism is that there’s cut off hours, before 9am and after 6pm every weekday, which seems incredibly limiting for customers. Notice how everything is limiting here?


There’s not a lot more we can say about the Yohoo Slots company that we haven’t already covered within this review. It’s a decent website but it’s too much of the same from Jumpman Gaming, there’s no freshness here, which means we immediately start to lose interest. It wouldn’t be so bad if this was the only new site the company had out, but it’s not. Nor would it be bad if they all offered something different, but they don’t; it’s the same offers, same games, and same information. Over and over.